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By: Paige Kershaw

Tucked away in the heart of Le Marais district of Paris, on a cobblestone road called Rue Froissart, lies a dreamy Parisian surf shop named Cuisse de Grenouille. This isn’t a place you would stumble upon, while aimlessly roaming the neighborhood. In fact, you could possibly waltz right by not knowing that this enchanting boutique even existed.

My husband and I got a little lost, which is somewhat essential for a coincidental French vacation, and landed on Rue Froissart. As I was marching along, trying to find somewhere that looked vaguely familiar, I double-took at a sign in a dark window that read, “for the Gentleman Surfer.” I decided to stop and snap a photo to show my dad and brother, who are both California surfers, and stepped inside.

I waved to the adorable, French heartthrob working the front-desk and stood in the doorway for about 5 minutes marveling over the architecture. This Cuisse de Grenouille flagship store, is an intimate, narrow shop, constructed in the shape of the perfect swell. Every single item is so thoroughly curated, it could be mistaken for an art gallery.

From surf wax to 60’s-inspired board shorts, this whimsical surf shop has it all. Although I wanted to purchase everything in there (even though it was exclusively for men), I picked up a sunny-yellow “Surf in Paris” sweatshirt, that I’ve been sipping cappuccinos in ever since.

Cuisse de Grenouille isn’t for the rugged, Venice Beach surfer boy we all know and love. It’s simply for the sophisticated gentleman that adores to surf, but prefers the posh life in the city of Paris.