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Recently we spent the day with our friend Nereyda Bird, who’s fun-loving yet deeply serene personality is infectious to be around and tossed her a few questions along the way.

Where are you from?

What is your idea of happiness?
Having a killed ego and accepting everything as is

Who do you most admire?
My mommy

How do you see the world?
I see the world as a place preparing you for a better life elsewhere

What trait in others do you most dislike?
If they’re not genuine that’s out of the question


What virtue do you most admire?
Loyalty’s nice

What has been your biggest achievement?
Loving myself

Your favorite word or phrase?

What do you regret most?
I don’t regret anything

How would you like to live?
Let’s start with financial stability

What should people be most concerned about?
Losing themselves

Where can we make a difference?
Everywhere, just do something that’ll actually help everyone other than just helping yourself out

What is your motto?
Better out than in I always say