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By: Aaron Austin

Every now and then we think it is important to explore what lies behind the looks of some of the most beautiful women around us, because after all, there’s more than just being really really good looking. Therefore, when we had the opportunity to chat with bombshell beauty, Shelby Bay, we of course jumped at the opportunity.

Despite the fact that she is one of the most sought after models, appearing in everything from Maxim to the music video of NAV’s “Some Way” ft. The Weeknd, we uncovered the many deep thoughts and interesting perspectives behind this gorgeous rising star.

How do you see the world?
Through a kaleidoscope

What is your idea of happiness?
My idea of happiness is being able to give my parents a life of luxury that they never got to have. That would be my own personal happiness!

Who do you most admire?
I can’t think of one specific person… but I really admire people who have made it with no hand outs, rich parents / family, etc. Now that I’ve been in Los Angeles for awhile, I’ve noticed that mostly all of the super famous crowd are all people who grew up together and were born into fame. The people who have made it to where they are by pure talent, smarts, or being business savvy are very admirable to me.

What about yourself do you most dislike?
I really like things to go a certain way. I envision scenarios in my head and want them to pan out exactly like how I imagined them… So I sometimes tend to get a little bit bossy! Haha. I have good intentions with everything and want everyone to have a good time, but sometimes have to realize that I can take a step back and let someone else take the reigns.

What trait in others do you most dislike?
I really dislike when people always play the victim.

What virtue do you most admire?

What has been your biggest achievement?
Getting out of the town that I grew up in. I grew up in a smaller town in Michigan, and I was one of the only ones to leave. You get really boxed in and most people there think that that way of small town living is the only option for them. Luckily, since a young age, I always felt the opposite. As soon as i graduated high school I moved to the west coast to go to college … and my family followed me! Our way of living is a thousand times better than before. Knowing that I was able to spear head that big of a move for my family is a great achievement!

What has been your biggest failure?
Nothing is a failure in my eyes. That is something that in the last few years I have come to truly believe. Everything that I thought was the end of the world eventually opened up bigger and better doors for me. I trust in Gods plan, so I ultimately do not fail!

Your most common luxury?
My phone!

Your favorite word or phrase?

What do you regret most?
Not getting braces when my parents tried to make me!! Lol. I thought I was “too cool” .. Now I’ve had Invisalign for over 3 years and its seriously the worst thing ever!! Listen to your parents….. haha

Which talent do you most envy?
Having some type of artist ability. Most of my close friends are extremely artistic and I always wish that I could have that connection with them! Singing would be my #1 talent.

How would you like to live?
In love. Not having to worry about money. Good weather. Good music. Cute dogs.

What is your motto?
“I don’t know what I did to you, but I’ll take a Pinot Grigio”