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Kassia has surely made a name for herself within the surf community with her skills on a long board, but she now has her sights firmly set on the art community and rightfully so. Photography being her main medium, Kassia has proven to be a talent behind the lens, with her work continuing to get stronger and more substantive.
We sat down with Kassia a few weeks back, during a rare period when she isn’t traveling for one project or another, to talk a little about her work, fashion and what inspires her.

We are happy to bring you an inside look at some of her newest prints that she will be showing over the next few months in Europe and the US.

Q&A | Photography, Fashion and Beyond

What was the biggest driver that helped peak your interest in photography?
Probably just being on the road. Traveling all of the time to far off stretches of the world to find waves takes you through some pretty interesting places. I’m a super visual person so when I would see a moment that spoke to me, of course I wanted to freeze it in time forever.

Who are some of your favorite photographers, past and present?
Wow there are just so many inspiring photographers but just to name a few, Ellen Von Unwerth, Richard Avedon, Ryan Miginely, Guy Bourdin, Gerda Taro and Sam Haskins

Your 35mm style is fantastic, with an element of, shoot from the hip… Have you ever considered Photo-Journalism?
For sure I’ve thought of making images that inspire this world to be a more peaceful place. And sometimes I feel because I’m not shooting images more impactful on a global level I’m not doing anything worthy…But shooting to inspire, let dream or simply put a smile on someone’s face is where my focus is right now.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
From living, friends, family and life on the road. There are always so many rad adventures to be had with wonderfully interesting people. To me real moments and energy make for the best photos.

Looking back on your body of work what would you say is your favorite photograph that you snapped? And what is the story behind it?
To be honest I have a new favorite photo all of the time. But if I would have to pick one from my transfer series I would say my “FOOD” image with my good friend Pandora. Why? It was just a really rad moment in Malibu up at Zuma Beach…She had this super groovy wetsuit on and was walking by a beach food stand with the letters FOOD big on top, I did a double exposure as she was walking across the frame…To me the image is graphic, a little haunting and classically California…For some reason I just love it!

Who would you love to collaborate with, or who would you like to shoot?
Gosh there are so many people I would love to shoot and collaborate with I just dont know how to answer this one…

With all the things you are juggling these days, what are your biggest struggles?
Finding time to sleep…hahaha!!!!

What do you do to chill out, relax and rest?
Lately I’ve been getting into more yoga and meditation to keep my head right… It’s been amazing, powerful and relaxing.

What cause/non-profit would you like to work with?
Gosh there are so many at the moment because there are so many struggles in this world that need attention. But one that I came across recently that a friend of mine spear headed is called “Waves for Water”, they work on getting people clean fresh water to consume. It’s so important and I think it is a great cause to get behind!

I know you recently worked with Keep-A-Breast on their campaign, how was that and what drew you to them?
I have been working with Keep a Breast for the past 7 or so years. At the time I began working with them a bunch of my friends’ mothers and aunts and my own mother were all struggling with breast cancer. It seemed like it was everywhere and you couldn’t escape it. Luckily my mom beat her cancer, and organizations like Keep a Breast Foundation really help with raising money and awareness and helping to push medical advancements. I’ve been working with them ever since and I feel proud to help do what I can!

From a fashion perspective, what would you consider your style?
My personal style is just relaxed and casual. I’m pretty much a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl:)

In all of your travels, where would you consider to be the most fashionable city? Why?
Probably NYC, Unless its somewhere that I haven’t been yet haha….NYC has been such a progressive creative hub for art, culture and fashion since way before my time…and continues to set the bar as far as I can see.

What have you been eyeing for the next addition to your closet?
A good pair of boots!

What is next for you as an artist, photographer?
Hmm I don’t know I guess that’s why its always so fun and exciting to do what I do.

What projects are you working on right now for this year?
I am working on a fun little art project with a friend in LA, getting ready for some art shows in Europe, hopefully a show in NYC in September and continuing to work on a women’s surf culture project with friend and fellow photographer David Mushegain.


You can see her work on her website at HERE