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In the spring of 2015, philanthropist, businessman, environmentalist, surfer, and Montauk resident, Luke Weil, decided to take a stand to protect a body of water that has had such a big impact on his life from a very early age. Aside from being a long-time resident of Montauk, Luke has also spent countless hours and days surfing the waves all along Long Island. Being the environmentalist that he is, Luke had, what he thought was, a casual conversation with the local environmental organization in Montauk to learn about the various efforts and initiatives they were focused on. However, what he came to find was that there was a very real problem with the water quality and it needed immediate attention.

The next morning, Weil went surfing after a big rainstorm, and what he experienced was utterly disturbing. He recounts this saying,

“As luck would have it, it rained that night, a lot—and the next day the waves were great, and I went surfing. And it was really disgusting. The smell, the taste, everything – the water was horribly contaminated. I actually had a small cut on my foot that would normally be cleaned by salt water that instead festered. I returned to the environmental organization that same day, now resolved to take action.” – Luke Weil, Founder

As Luke could see, the severity of water contamination in the lakes, the ocean, and all water surrounding and infiltrating Long Island was already beyond a probable issue, it was real and happening. Therefore, Luke banded his friends and fellow life aquatic lovers to support the cause and help make the ocean clean again, back to its natural state.

Now in its second year, LIMPIA is holding their annual fundraiser on July 23rd at Moby’s in East Hampton. The night will be filled with drinks, dinner, and dancing, all in support of a great cause.

We ask you, if you love good summer fun, to please join us this Saturday by purchasing tickets HEREIf you are unable to attend, please consider donating to the fund by clicking HERE.

Let our people go surfing! We hope to see you there.

All photos via Limpa.org