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Bigfoot country the adventures of woody and the blue ox 2

Last summer, surfer Trevor Gordon decided to do what many of us dream of, but so few ever do, he took his hand-built camper searching for adventure and surf in British Colombia.

Armed with a deep fascination with rolling-homes but little knowledge of woodworking, he traded in his 1988 VW Vanagon for a blue four-by-four Jeep Comanche and set out to build a camper with a sturdy frame that could hold up to both the rough terrain and torrential rains trademark of the Pacific Northwest Islands of British Colombia, a region that beckoned with the promise of adventure and a good chance of quality surf along an undisturbed beach stretching 20 miles long.

“The day I finished, I immediately started the maiden voyage north to Canada, with the pinnacle being just shy of the Alaskan border on the islands of Haida Gwaii,” says Gordon.

“Bigfood Country: The Adventure of Woody & The Blue Ox” is a two-part film that follows Gordon’s journey north from Carpinteria, California, on a mission to find surf and adventure in the heart of British Columbia’s Bigfoot Country.

Watch chapter one of the series below and check back February 26th for chapter two, Escape From Bigfoot Country.

Bigfoot country the adventures of woody and the blue ox 3

Film: JeremyKoreski.com and ErinFeinblatt.com
Direction/Edit: IanDurkin.com
Score: Nathan Bardeen
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