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It has been 10 years since Billy won the CFDA Best New Menswear Designer award, then as William Reid. Many successful years later this growing brand is aging like a fine Kentucky Bourbon.

Walking into the presentation, which was packed to the gills, seemed like an extension of Billy’s annual shindig, with Dogfish Head flowing, dim lighting, and a fantastic live band greeting you as you walked through the doors. It was easy to see why Billy Reid has such a following. The luxury of a casual lifestyle is contagious, and the clothes aren’t too bad either. If you could bottle Southern luxury, it would be in a small Ball Jar, capped with the name Billy Reid.

The Men’s collection featured a hint of the Seventies in blazers with a wider lapel than previously seen by this Southern gentleman. There were wrinkled shirts and plenty of linen, mixed with shorts, which will certainly make for a relaxed esthetic come Spring. The color palette was full of washed-out neutral tones, which brings me to my mighty fine discovery of the evening…a much deeper offering of women’s wear, which seemed more thoughtful and a little more sexy than previous seasons. There were shorts and sheer pants paired with wovens and blazers, a few lovely dresses and some vintage fabric patchwork pieces that really stood out among the collection. I know many-a-women who were extremely happy after seeing this Spring collection, as they should be. The Billy Man finally has a Billy Girl.

Here’s to cracking open this fine collection come Spring, and enjoying the casual sipings of yet another stellar season from Billy Reid. 

billy reid and anna wintour