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It is almost completely inevitable that my creative inspiration runs low at least once a season. During these times I find myself looking to others – musicians, writers, designers, and creators, for some motivation. If I’m lucky, I’ll stumble upon the perfect person to stimulate my creative mindset, and this season, I owe my inspiration to Stefania Borras, the Mallorcan-born designer who has quickly made a name for herself and her brand, Datura, in the fashion world.

With Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and Glamour (just to name a few) already raving about this young designer and her sustainable clothing line, it should be no surprise when Datura becomes an even bigger brand to follow. It is Stefania’s ability to pair her international influences with her keen eye for design as well as her business-savvy perspective, having her line exclusively sold on the website, that has made Datura so noteworthy and successful.

Eager to learn more about the brand and the vision behind it, we recently caught up with the beautiful designer, Stefania, to get the 411 on the line that is making a lasting impression on bloggers, buyers, and ecommerce enthusiasts alike.

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What is your background: Where did you grow up… style influences (now and then)?
I’m half British and half Spanish and I grew up in the Island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean Sea – Spain.

I moved to study Fashion Studies in Barcelona and then ended up staying there for 11 years where at first I worked at two different labels. At the first I did Merchandising and Communications and at the second I was the Head Designer for the womenswear collection for a French label. I then won a prize to be part of a Fashion Incubator where I started my first line, concentrating on research in patterns and fabrics. After 3 years I moved to NYC and decided to start Datura.

I’ve always been in love with the feel of rich natural fabrics, Japanese volumes and cuts and strong, powerful, and free women. These three components help me design a style that is elegant and rich but effortless and comfortable.


What is your inspiration for pursuing your creative/artistic side?
The magic side of nature and how it’s a timeless beauty that has the answers to all our questions.

How did you decide to start the line?  
I had a previous line in Spain under my name. I learned a lot in those 2 1/2 years. I learned how important it was for me to buy something that felt special. I learned how it mattered to me where and how things were made. Fabrics mattered and I wanted to wear clothes that felt luxurious on my skin. I learnt how less is more and how one piece can be worn in so many different ways and in such different occasions. All these principles arrived from wearing my own clothes and seeing how others wore my pieces too. As a small new brand I had very small quantities produced.

After I moved to NY the idea of creating the same brand but making it an online only made sense, I could take control of what the client wanted and by bypassing the middlemen I could have a much more affordable price point (X3 less).


What do you hope it brings consumers?
I hope it brings consumers the excitement of wearing something special, locally made, timeless and at the same affordable and wearable. I believe that independent and intelligent women nowadays, love many things in life and don’t spend all their income on the ‘it’ fashion bag or item.


Biggest accomplishment/revelation in creating your brand?
Seeing and having direct feedback from clients and seeing what women wear and choose from Datura. It makes me happy that inspiring woman wear Datura and it makes me think i’m going in the right direction,


What do you love about living in New York and what inspires you?
I love this city and it’s drive. I come from an Island so I get to live both sides this way ;) I also love the mix of international and ambitious people I have met over the years here, I went to an International school when I was a kid so It feels natural to be surrounded by different nationalities and meeting so many interesting individuals in one same place.


Dreams for the future?
I want to be designing more and also exploring in other fields like accessories and shoes… Currently the brand is still in its early stages so I am working alone a lot of the time. I would love to have a bigger team with whom I can share the ideas and allow myself to have more time to design more collections. I also want to open a studio concept store where you can experience and feel more of the brand. I’m quite of a dreamer so I have plenty more projects in mind for the future!

Photo Credits: Datura and Stefania Borras