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Mr. Mosier, who’s an Arkansan-Southern-New Yorker, who has lived previously in Boulder, Australia, all over Europe and now New York City, has worked on both sides of the camera for over 20 years, as a model, photog and videog.
A self proclaimed art geek, with banjo playing skills and a ride-anything-year-round attitude, Chris has a kindhearted, family-focused, laidback, fun-loving demeanor that easily makes him one of the coolest guys I have had the pleasure of meeting throughout my ten years in New York. And I can honestly say it is an honor to call him a friend.

I caught up with Chris about his upcoming paddle around the Big Apple, what it means to him and how he prepared for it.

Chris Mosier - Surf Collective NYCChris and Scout in front of a mural by Jose Parla at their home in Costa Rica

How have you enjoyed the SUP, since you have been spending so much time on it lately?
I get why people are funny about SUPs. In the wrong hands they can be both dangerous an/or obnoxious in the surf. They do have a lot of merit though for the great fitness and flat-water aspects as well as an amazing way to paddle into surf spots you can’t reach by land. Plus nose-riding an 11ft board is super fun… so much glide and momentum.

Sea Paddle NYC is a pretty amazing cause to get involved in, what struck a cord with you and made you get active in this event?
Being a new father has really made me aware of how precious a child’s health is. While Scout, my daughter, has been blessed with good health thus far, there are many children who aren’t and by doing this race I can help make a small difference in their life. Through my passion for all manner of surf (body surf, to shorties, to logs, to paddleboards) I had the opportunity to volunteer with Surfers Healing, an organization founded by Izzy Paskowicz, which is dedicated to getting autistic kids into the water. Izzy stumbled onto the healing power of the ocean with his autistic son, Isaiah, after much frustration trying to make a connection with him, as many parents of autistic children know, he often would suffer from sensory overload. The ocean was the one place he seemed to find respite and calm. As former competitive surfer, Izzy hit on an idea… and together with Isaiah on the front of his board, the two spent the day surfing together… witnessing this first hand while taking kids out on the front of my board and pushing the bigger kids into small waves… like Isaiah, this had a profound impact on me.

What is your fundraising goal for your paddle? How far along are you?
I’m trying to raise $5k and I’ve raised about $4200 so far. (SUPPORT CHRIS HERE)

What is the training like for paddling 26.5 MILES? What is the biggest hurtle for a paddle this distance?
I did the event in 2009 as a last minute decision, without having trained for it and I paid for it big time. That year the finishing stretch was down the Hudson River into a 10-15 mph headwind and it was a death march in a washing machine.
I finished in about 6 and 1/2 hours and hope to knock a good chunk off that this year.
This time I’ve trained consistently, doing mostly 2-3 hour paddles with a few 4 hours peppered in. The best workout is when I get the opportunity to do a long paddle to a surf spot, get a few waves and then paddle back.

Chris Mosier - Sea Paddle NYC

What is the biggest thing that you take away from participating in events like The Sea Paddle NYC? How has that affected your daily life with your family?
Endurance events for a cause are good because you have the time out there to reflect on why you are doing it, and this provides great motivation both for the race and for life.


Sea Paddle NYC is an event focused on raising money and awareness for Surfers’ Environmental Alliance and various Autism non-profits.