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SCENE Magazine launches this Thursday with much anticipation. Peter Davis, its Editor-in-Chief, took some time out of his busy schedule (considering it launches tomorrow) to talk a bit about the mag, why print, what to expect next month and how he recharges the batteries (which includes surfing locations most of us only dream of).

Peter was also kind enough to give us a sneak peek into the launch issue with a few exclusive tears. Check them out below.


Tell me a little about SCENE in your own words.
SCENE is about true insiders taking the reader inside New York. The publisher Julie Dannenberg and Creative Director Cricket Burns are all native New Yorkers so we know the city inside and out. We take you in artist studios (this month we visit painter Anh Duong) and tell you how to get through the very tough velvet ropes at Le Baron. We also have juicy, in-depth features on Where John Galliano disappeared to and how and if he can make a comeback and also the shopping site scandal of Andy Albert who is accused of allegedly ripping off his investors and he also happens to be married to social girl about town Annie Churchill. The features will keep you talking way after you read them.

Where did you get your start?
I was an intern at Paper magazine in high school. I had blue hair and listened to punk music. Kim Hastreiter, Paper’s editor and founder, is my mentor and hero and one of my greatest friends. The writing I did for Paper soon led to assignments from Vogue and Vanity Fair. And I seriously didn’t know how to type. I was a painting major in college so typing was not high on my to-do list.

What can we expect in the issues ahead? Any exciting surprises you can hint at?
The features are always a big surprise, and a little scandalous. And our April cover girl is supermodel Hilary Rhoda. We are going back to the old school supermodel days. When you look on the newsstand, all the covers look the same: a celebrity half smiling in a designer dress they would never wear in real life. People are obsessed with supermodels and fashion and we are going to feed this hunger with breathtaking covers and shoots.

With print taking a pretty big hit in the past few years, what made you want to launch a new mag?
I think print will always be around. Of course, SCENE will have a website with new content daily, but people love to hold magazines in their hands and SCENE is the type of publication that you will want to show off on your coffee table or under your arm as you cruise around Soho or the Upper East Side or the Meatpacking District.

Anyone that has ever edited anything knows it never ends, what do you do to relax and recharge?
I like to over-eat candy, surf and travel to places where I am completely out of my element. A combination of all three – like my trips to Bali are perfect. I am happiest in countries like India where I truly feel disconnected from the world. I could go to India all the time if given the chance.

So you surf a bit…  Do you ever get in the water out at Rockaway, Long Beach or MTK?
I have never hit Rockaway or Long Beach but love the idea of jumping on a subway with my fun board. I was spoiled so I was taught to surf years ago in San Onofre, California by the famously cool Paskowitz family who remain my great friends. I have surfed Montauk, Bali, Hawaii and Mexico to name a few spots – so I am definitely spoiled when it comes to great waves. Nothing is better than being on your board with no noise around you. It is truly the ultimate Zen moment.