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Surf Collective is proud to bring you, 36 Degrees – Episode One / by Annie Woods.
36 Degrees is a web-series that shows a part of the amazing surf culture that surrounds New York City. If you take the A Train past JFK, till it’s end at the Far Rockaways, you will find a little slice of California a stones throw from New York City. The 36 Degrees series will tell the stories of those who defy all stereotypes, and support a little known urban surfing culture that is Rockaway Beach.
The coming episodes will take you into the lives of several surfers, from designers to artists and photographers, and allow you a peak inside what it is really like to be an East Coast, New York surfer.


Where did it all start for you?
I grew up in Santa Cruz, California. So the sea has always been really important to me. When I moved to New York City in 2007 I started to really miss salt water on my skin. I hardly knew anyone so most of my weekends that first fall I would take the LIRR out to long beach. After hanging around the beach on the weekends I meet these two surfers and asked if I could film them. After that I was always fascinated with the New York surf scene. . . I just like that juxtaposition. . . I find it peculiar.

Annie Woods+Director+36 Degrees

Tell me a little bit about 36 Degrees?
It’s a mini web series / surf show that takes place in the greatest city in the world. It’s as much about this city as it is the surfing. Although the first episode is constructed using mostly shots of the Rockaways, I intend to bring the viewers into the city more in future episodes.

What was your inspiration for this film series?
New York City. Anything I say after those three words I realize will sound like a cliche, but it’s really true. I mean this city is crazy. . . I feel very creative here and I think that’s because of the energy, everyone is always working on something. I also had a lot of support for making this series. Before I started filming I sat down with Tyler Manson, a incredible filmmaker with a surf background. He really inspired me as a director.

Tell me about the soundtrack?
All the music you hear was made by my friend Mr. Midnite. Kid is mad talented, he spends his food and rent money all on keyboards. When he was couch surfing in Brooklyn he used to mail keyboards to my place. He is going to go really far, so I feel really lucky to work with him. I feel the music is a huge part of the piece.

What do you hope to accomplish with 36 Degrees?
I hope to gain an audience and that people will keep coming back and are excited to see the next episode. Each one will feature a different surfer, so I plan to keep mixing things up, adding new ideas and techniques. I really have Schmooru to thank for providing me with all the camera equipment and tools to make this happen.

What is the craziest experience you have had trying to get waves in NYC?
I wish I had a crazy story to share, but its usually pretty mellow. No shark attacks or anything.