1978 Sid Avery/mptvimages.com


As we all know, after a few drinks the stories inevitably start flowing. But telling a great story is more of an art than you might realize. A good story has the ability to make or break a moment. So when choosing to take the plunge into storytelling it’s best to follow a few simple rules. After all you want the story to be the inside joke not the storyteller.

So here are a few tips to help bring those moments to life.

Don’t exaggerate, or even worse lie. Funny stuff happens to us all. Be natural in your approach. If you think you’re losing the audience, continue reading.

It’s all in the details. It’s where a story is made. A good story is one that is relatable, so focus on things your audience can connect with and describe them moment by moment.

It’s not a TED talk. People are going to interrupt. Let them, it means they’re engaged and interested. Go with it, don’t let it throw you off. Let them be the supporting cast. And if the conversation goes in a new direction – let it.

Timing is everything. Align your story with the mood of the festivities. Don’t drop a depressing monolog when everyone is laughing. Not sure why this happens, but inevitably there is always someone that can’t tell the different between their friends couch and their psychiatrist’s.

Go out on top. A good story should only take a few minutes to get it across. So hit the high points and wrap it up. But be prepared for more, because if your friends are interested they’ll want you to keep it going. That’s what you get for being able to tell a great story.