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As part of our 10 Unforgettable Place To Travel To In 2015, our contributors are helping us check some of those destinations off our list by bringing you epic images from each destination. In our latest installment, Chris Mosier travels to Iceland to celebrate a birthday and to cross some Icelandic surf off his own bucket list.

By Chris Mosier

My wife and I went to Iceland in January for the surprise birthday party of a friend. I piggybacked on the hope that I might tick surfing in Iceland in the winter off of my bucket list. Both the birthday party and surf were epic experiences, but just traveling around the land of volcanos, glaciers, geothermal baths, northern lights, and elves was beautifully haunting and ethereal. I took a few photos along the way.


Iceland scny cwmosier- JL

Iceland scny cwmosier-6 - JL

iceland add ons (3 of 4)

Iceland scny cwmosier-9 - JL

iceland add ons 4


Iceland scny cwmosier-20 - JL

Iceland scny cwmosier-16 - JL


Iceland scny cwmosier-21 - JL

Iceland scny cwmosier-33 - JL

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Thanks to Ingo at Arctic Surfers for showing me around and be sure to keep an eye on Heidar Logi, a fantastic local shredder.

Photos by Chris Mosier