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We see it in some of our favorite stores around the world. That thick book-like magazine with a cover that features some of the most intriguing men of our time with the gold title that describes them all as a, MAN of the WORLD. As you peruse the publication, you are immediately intrigued by the fact that, despite years of fashion journalism, this publication is able to convey and articulate men’s culture in a way that has not been done before.

So, with many people speculating that print is dead, Alan Maleh, the founder and publisher of MOTW, proves otherwise. With each issue taking readers inside the lives of men who are both inspirational and adventurous, from explorers and sportsmen to artists and entrepreneurs, Maleh has created a refreshing and carefully curated guide to iconic style, travel, art, adventure, culture, and craft. In doing so he has demonstrated how, with the right perspective and strategic approach, print can absolutely prosper and profit even when up against the world of technology.

And as Maleh is always looking to keep things interesting, like any real man of the world should, he has expanded the magazines offerings to include a selection of rare and vintage items for purchase as well as a newly opened brick and mortar concept store in Williamsburg – one that truly brings the perspective of MAN of the WORLD to life.

Continue reading to find out more about Alan Maleh, the man behind the most interesting magazine for today’s modern gentleman.

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SC: As the Founder and Publisher of Man of the World, one of the most successful men’s lifestyle magazines published to date, it is evident that you have had an interesting and culturally-inspiring life before starting the publication. Can you tell us a bit about your background?
AM: Basically, at a very young age, after quitting high school in tenth grade, I started working in the jewelry business really young. I was fortunate enough to have been successful in my own retail store on Nassau Street, NYC. It gave me the ability to travel, shop, and start to collect everything from vintage bandanas, toy trucks, knives, vintage watches, and eventually even classic cars. Four years ago, I started to become frustrated with the magazine for guys like me. I felt there was nothing out there that truly spoke to the sophistication, simplicity, and relevant information I was looking for as it relates to my style, the material things I had interest in, travel, art, and culture. I started to create mood boards for the various categories I was interested in and the next thing I knew, I was building a magazine.

SC: It is clear that print is certainly not dead, but in a world where mass distributed publications are folding, how have you been able to successfully maintain an allure and continue to engage an audience with Man of the World?
AM: We are targeting something that no one else is really targeting. Guys are simple creatures. We are looking for a short list of relevant information that will help us enhance our lives through a visual journey.

SC: What do you love most about Man of the World?
AM: What I love the most is that I am able to buy almost anything I see throughout my travels. It allows us to offer such a unique assortment of products through our e-commerce that are difficult and sometimes even impossible to find otherwise.


SC: What prompted you to start this quarterly magazine and where do you get your inspiration for each issue?
AM: It started out as a handbook of unique vintage cars and watches. As we were putting it together, it continued to morph into the magazine it became upon launching.

SC: With the success of Man of the World, what are you most looking forward to this year for the brand or for yourself as the creator?
AM: Honestly, I am most excited about the fact that we have a chance to be profitable in 2016. Also, what’s really interesting is our brick and mortar concept shop above Gentry in Williamsburg that’s starting to gain real traction and gives us an opportunity to meet our customers face to face.

As my conversation with Alan came to an end, I started to think about all the magazines that are dedicated to different demographics and various topics. From furniture to fashion and gardening to music, there is no shortage of good magazines to read based on your liking.

On the other hand, however, it is not news to know that many of our favorite publications, most recently Details Magazine, are folding due to the growing emphasis on technology. Therefore, and as a result of this, the industry has become, for lack of a better term, a game of survival of the fittest where media companies are struggling to keep their publications relevant by taking a more calculated and strategic approach to everything from content creation to marketing initiatives. But as we see through the evolution of MAN of the WORLD, it is absolutely possible to survive, it just takes forward-thinking and the courage to go for it, all of which are clearly evident through Alan Maleh and his entrepreneurial thirst.

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If you haven’t done so already, we urge you to go visit the MOTW concept store located in Williamsburg at the Gentry. As Selecticism puts it “The idea is much like that of our friends at the Apartment by the Line… but for men.”

Picture credits: MAN of the WORLD