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After attending his amazing show in Prospect Park last month, it was made clear that many people know Jack Johnson as the melodic musician who has wooed his fans through his acoustic and folk-like songs. However, when given a more intimate peak into his life, it becomes evident that his passions lie in more than just music. Following his show in Brooklyn, Surf Collective was able to catch up with Jack on some of the questions that we all want to know. From his life-long love of surfing to his favorite bands right now, Jack’s responses to our questions make clear what is really fueling his fire.

Surf Collective: What is something most people may not know about you?
Jack Johnson: Something most people may not know about me is that I love making animation cartoons.  Ever since college I took an animation course when I was studying film and when I have the time that’s one of my favorite hobbies, animation.

SC: What is your guilty pleasure?
JJ: My guilty pleasure would be fantasy surfer.  I never would have thought that I would have gotten into it, but ever since John John made the tour a few years back, me and all my friends that watched John John grow up started following him when he was in the surf contests and it was a way to hang out and stay connected with my nephew and his friends that were doing fantasy surfer. The next thing I found myself talking trash with all my brothers and friends out in the lineup about our fantasy surfer picks. It’s pretty ridiculous but really fun.

SC: If you could pick your favorite surf spot on the East Coast, where would it be?
JJ: Well I can’t tell you the secret ones ’cause then the locals won’t let me surf there anymore.  But as far as the well known ones, I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to cold so, I like Florida.  I like Sebastian inlet.  I’ve gotten that pretty good before, fun little wedges off the break water there, little barrels and fun sections to hit the lip on.

SC: Is there one thing you are most excited about doing this summer?
JJ: Probably surfing the standing wave in Santiago.  I was hanging out with some surfers/snowboards/skater friends that gave me the option that we could either drive a couple of hours to see how the waves would be or we could surf a standing wave that had a five foot barreling left.  I get to surf real waves all the time, I am kind of spoiled so instead we surfed this left that pretty much barreled as long as you wanted it to. That was a really fun day. I sucked on that thing for the first hour or two and then finally I got a pretty long barrel that was memorable.

SC: Who is one public figure you most admire? It can be in any profession, sports, business, etc.
JJ: I’ve always really looked up to Tom Curren before I ever knew him, just when I was a little kid. I just loved the way he carried himself both on a surfboard and in movies when I would see him and then when I started seeing him around the North Shore growing up.  He surfed a lot of the spots that me and my friends would surf, he wasn’t always at the most popular crowded breaks, he would kind of find the off the beaten path spots and just like anybody else, I love watching him surf.  His style is amazing and then as I got older I got to meet him and even hang out with him a bunch of times.  He’s one of those guys, the more you get to know him the more you like him.  He is such a humble, amazing person and he also jams the guitar.  So Tom Curren has always been one of biggest heroes in life.

SC: Which artists are you really into right now?
JJ: The last coupe of shows we did in Europe we were lucky enough to catch MGMT, I really like their music and seeing them live was cool. I really appreciated how into the music they were but it was also they didn’t feel like they had to do anything that was out of their comfort zone to entertain the crowd, they just did what they do and it was really nice to see and it sounded great.  And then we got to check out Bombino a couple of nights ago. He came up on stage and jammed a song with us. Anybody who hasn’t seen Bombino should definitely catch them live, it’s really cool, I’m looking forward to doing more shows with him.

hoto courtesy of Emmett Malloy

Jack Johnson’s sold out tour runs through September 1st, ending at his home town of Santa Barbara, California. Tour dates and stops can be found HERE.