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We often hear that friendship is the key ingredient to a successful marriage or relationship, but with people constantly coming in and out of our lives, it is difficult to know whether a friendship will withstand the test of time. However, every now and then we are reminded that what is meant to be will be, and for Katie and John Termini, time was just what was needed to bring their longstanding friendship full circle.

With Katie being both a forensic psychologist and an emerging jewelry designer and John heading up business development for Hillsong, it is no surprise that these two juggle two very busy schedules, but with their shared interests and their strong love for one another, they always make it a priority to spend quality time together. Whether it be surfing their favorite spots in Montauk or spending a quiet evening with friends in the city, Katie and John are the perfect example of how the best things in life don’t just take time, but are also worth waiting for.

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Every couple has a story…what’s yours?
KATIE: We met in the water, surfing, in Montauk. My best friend was dating his best friend (they are now married). We dated briefly when we first met and then remained friends for about 6 years, surfing together every summer. Friendship was our foundation, it allowed us to build off something deep and meaningful that would not fade overtime. We got married in Montauk, 6 weeks after we got engaged.

Each of you has such a busy schedule. How do you find time for being together?
KATIE: We like to say that our lives are not “busy” but “full.” We fill our lives with the things that matter most to us and one of those is creating space for quality time together.
JOHN: Whatever you water consistently, will grow. Practically, we schedule date nights when we need to and we will escape the city as often as possible to have some alone time at the beach.

What do you both do to recharge?
JOHN and KATIE: Surf & eat.


What’s your perfect Date Night?
JOHN: Eating at home and watching a movie after a long day at the beach.

How would you say you compliment each other, or balance each other out? 
KATIE: We have completely opposite temperaments, so we balance each other out and meet somewhere in the middle.
JOHN: Katie quiets the storm in me.


How do you inspire each other?
KATIE: His heart and ability to care for and love people is endlessly inspiring to me.
JOHN: Katie is the most secure, stable and genuine person I’ve ever met. She makes me better, by allowing me to be me, the freedom to aim high and encourages me even when I miss the mark. Which is often…

Favorite moment together?
KATIE: Our wedding day.
JOHN: Our wedding night.

What is your favorite thing about each other?
KATIE: He can always make me laugh.
JOHN: Her hotness…

Katie Shnay & John Termini



Wedding photo credits: Christian Oth



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Images via Katie Termini.