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Introducing, Letty Nowak / Faces of Surf, a solo exhibition featuring twelve new paintings from Letty’s Faces of Surf collection that showcases many of surfings pioneers and ambassadors.

The collection is currently being shown (at least in part) at the Outeast Gallery in Montauk. Letty, the bubbly artist who is creating this series, stopped by our office to chat a little about her work and where we can expect to see it next.

Where did doing art start for you?
Doing art started in my Christmas stockings for as long as I can remember.  I wanted them to be filled with toys, but I often found art supplies like new markers, crayons, scissors, and glue.  I’ll never forget the Christmas I opened a huge wipe off board and my Dad immediately started to teach me to letter on it before any the rest of the presents were even opened.

Tell me a little about yourself
I am Michigan born and raised through my BFA degree at Michigan State.  My father was a sign painter, screen printer, into designing super funky houses, but what I learned most from him was from the surf shops that my parents owned throughout Southwest Michigan.  Basically, art and surf were instilled in me from the very beginning.

How did you start painting “faces” and now “faces of surf”?
I started painting faces in a Senior Seminar painting class at MSU.  We had to choose one subject to paint for the entire semester so I chose something I thought would be the most difficult and it stuck.  From there, the faces lead me to the start of my career in Key West, Florida where I painted a series of 100 locals called the Faces of Key West.  That project lead to the Faces of Surfing.

Tell me a little bit about Faces of Surf and what the plans are for it.
The Faces of Surfing is a series of 100 oil on canvas portraits that I am painting of people in the surf industry.  It will be shown in series of 25 paintings each as they are finished throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.

What does “SURF” mean to you?
To me, “Surf” means a lifestyle, it means freedom, a way of expressing yourself, and enhancing your life through nature.

What are you looking for people to get out of the Faces of Surf Tour?
I would like them to not only see a wide range of people from all over the world and from all walks of life who contribute to the surf industry, but also to get a different perspective and feeling by my painting itself through my marks and colors.



NOW SHOWING AT Outeast Gallery in Montauk, NY.
Now – September 6th
65 Tuthill RD.











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