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I came across Lisa’s work some time ago now, as I remember being drawn to the energy and passion behind each piece. Lisa, who calls LA’s industrial/arts district home, has been pumping out amazing works since she can remember, and as her library has grown, so has her talent.
(Photo by James Porschen)

Using everything from acrylic, oil paint and china markers to make-up and nail polish in her work, she draws on where she lives, the water, the American flag and fashion for the inspiration behind her work. Last year she did a fantastic piece based on a look from Proeza Schouler’s Spring 2010 show, which was fantastic. A fashion lover herself, Lisa often goes from tanks and tees when painting to some of her favorite designers at night, which include Yves Saint Laurent, Almain, Isabel Marant, Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler and a few Japanese designers thrown into the mix. As most of our fashion tastes change over the years, so has Lisa’s ever changing work. From one piece to the next you can expect a surprise around every corner.

I was lucky enough to pull her away from the studio to chat a little about art, her personal style and her strangest moment yet… (which might now be the answer to that question).

Below are some of my favorites from Lisa.


Tell me a little about yourself…
Lets see, I grew up in Chicago, was a tomboy the majority of my adolescence, moved to Germany when I was 10 with my family and became fluent quickly going to a German speaking school.  I am right in the middle of five children, an old soul, and have always been inclined to do art.  People have been telling me since a young age that I should be a singer because my voice is so low.  I live happily in the void, and enjoy appreciating how minuscule any living thing is in the grand spectrum.  I love water.  I drink like a fish.  I love fashion.  I have traveled a ton- a lot of that has been solo, and a lot of it has been in Asia.  I now live in LA, with my studio downtown, and I look forward to heading back to Berlin in a few months.  I am completely Scando- my mom’s side being primarily Swedish and my dad’s side being primarily Norwegian.

Where did it all start for you?

I started with scribbles like any other kid, then I got super into cartooning, then went through a long phase of technical training through school and extra programs, and now I’m back to the abstract and back to the scribbles.

Why did you decide to pursue art/painting?

I don’t think that you can chose to pursue art/painting, I think it chooses you. You just have to be open to the idea of being able to live off of it/with it.
What inspires you?

I like raw industrial areas. Gritty, intense contrasts, abstracted shadows, the force of water, the ever-changing atmosphere. I’m inspired by movement and raw emotion. By fashion. I like things in the middle. I’m into things that are very, very shiny and smooth. I also love spikes and white and black. People are starting to inspire me more again… their ideas more than anything else. Odd numbers. The American Flag.

How do you feel about the relationship between art and fashion?

I think there is an undeniable and exciting link between fine art and fashion. It goes both ways, fine art uses fashion for inspiration and vice versa.  

Long Board, Short Board or asleep on the beach?

Short Board.

What is next for you?

More and more of exactly what I’m doing now.  I’d like to solidify a new gallery soon.

How would you describe your personal style?

Maybe it’s kinda apparent in what I’ve already written?  I am not a refined dresser.  I like mixing it up a bit. Jeans, tees, tanks and over-sized shirts while painting and then switch to a bit more elevated styling when I head out.

Your strangest moment?

My first kiss at tennis camp listening to Dave Matthews Band.  (It was very strange, and weird that that was the first thing that popped into my head after hearing the question. haha)


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