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Mike Townsend is a man of many hats, both figuratively and literally. From restaurants (Morgan) and bars, (Chloe81), to fashion and photography, I sat down with him to chat a little about what drives him and what keeps this Cali boy coming back to the big apple.

Below are some of Mike’s snaps pulled from one of his many blogs.

Why NYC?
I came to New York in my late twenties and fell in love with it, I have been here ever since. Though throughout the past six months I have been doing a great deal of traveling. But I am always drawn back. NYC is good times and great people.

Who, what, where inspires you?
I’m inspired by everything around me. For the past six months i’ve been mostly inspired by all the people I’ve met traveling the country. Whether it’s from Portland, Rincon, Marfa or even back home in Costa Mesa I’ve seen so many small local businesses with inspiring wonderful ideas. People taking a risk doing what they love with great attention to detail.

You seem to wear a lot of hats career wise, and style wise actually, which is your favorite?
I can’t say I have a favorite in particular. In general I love working with creative people, so whether it has to do with fashion, food, marketing, consulting I have to make sure its creative and a good enviornment. Lately, I’ve been working with a friend of mine, Jeremy Schaller & helping him with branding and distributing within his family meat company, Schaller & Weber. It’s been a blast.

You’ve lived/surfed around NYC for a long time now, where do you go now to get away from the (surf) crowds? 
I’d say Lido and all the jetties other than 90th @ Rockaway. Lido reminds me of one of my favorite breaks @ home, all the way down to the same grummpy locals. In the winter I just go to Puerto Rico….pretty much love it there.

Long or short?
Short board… but, I am approaching 40 so by 50 I should have a long board in my quiver.