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By: Joseph Licata

As we all know, summer is a time that brings a lot of different elements and experiences into our lives. It is a time for adventure, a time to make memories, a time to embrace living in the moment, and last but not least, summer is a time for lovers. So with that said, what better way to highlight love than with two people who exemplify all that we cherish during these long summer days?

A few years ago I started this feature, Couples We Love, to highlight couples throughout different industries and backgrounds who are all constantly working to find a balance to recharge, while knowing there is always more to do, but who decide to take those moments as opportunities to be present, to connect, and to share in what can often slip away so quickly. Life.

You probably know Lisa and Mikey DeTemple from either Montauk’s sandy shores or New York’s city limits and in knowing them, one of the things we love about these two is their relentless focus and love towards one another and their cherished moments away together. So, in speaking with them we discussed what makes these two tick, how they recharge their batteries and more importantly, how they inspire each other to be better – and better for each other. For after all, isn’t that what we hope for in a partner, to inspire and be inspired to be better?

For this two-part feature we visited Lisa and Mikey in their Montauk hideaway and then headed back to Brooklyn to see their grand sea-worthy dwelling that rests high in the sky.

Read on for the full story!





Every couple has a story, what’s yours?

Mikey: My friends Warren and Dion were subletting a place in Greenpoint. At that point, I had been living in Montauk 6 months out of the year. I had talked Warren into coming out and hanging and surfing with me out there. He stayed for about a week, until the surf went flat and asked me if I wanted to come back to the city for a few days. So I joined, and met Lisa one of those nights at Kenmare.  





What do you both do to recharge your batteries?

Mikey: I think anything that really gets us out of the city and into the fresh air.


What’s your perfect date night?

Mikey: Sunday night dinner at the bar at the Crows Nest in Montauk. It’s our favorite.





How would you say you compliment each other, or balance each other?

LISA: We drive each other to do better every day and we are extremely supportive of each other. We’re lucky to want most of the same things and we’re always on the same page from life decisions to the furniture in our apartment. As cheesy as it is we are best friends.


How do you inspire each other?

Mikey: We both hustle and work hard. When you are around someone that want’s to keep doing more and has the drive to do it, you do the same. Lisa inspires me, and makes me want to work harder and achive more than I can even imagine.


Tell me about your favorite memory together? What’s the story behind it?

LISA: My favorite memory of us is when Mikey asked me to marry him. We went to York Maine for a long weekend and Mikey booked this amazing colonial house or something. Typically I’m the one planning these things but Mikey seemed super set on the house so I was into it! All I asked was if it had heat? He said yes. 

We get there and it must be 10 degrees and 11pm. We can see our breath! We looked around and there was no heat, but there was a fire place! Great we can make a fire! Nope.. There was a sign that says do not use fire use the electric heater. The electric heater looked like a tiny tiny fire place that has fake lights that resembled a flickering fire..it barley worked. We stayed the night and woke up the next morning and got out of there. Mikey was persistent to stay because little did I know he wanted to propose to me in front of the fire one night. Not happening I was FREEZING. We ended up finding the cutest cottages to stay in and he asked me the next morning at breakfast while watching the boats come in and out of the harbor. I said yes!


What are your plans for the future?

LISA: To travel more and keep having adventures together

What’s your idea of “home”?

LISA: Anywhere with Mikey… And heat and or a/c.









Photos by: Jacob Pritchard