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As we all know, New York is famously referred to as “the city that never sleeps.” There is always something exciting to do and see, which can be a great thing, however, when it comes to finding love, this characteristic of our beloved city can often be viewed as a hindrance, for we are always on the move and searching for the “next best thing.” However, nothing makes me happier than to hear of couples who not only met in New York, but who were brought together at probably the last place we expect, yet always hope, to meet the love of our life – out at night. So, with that in mind, we give you the next couple we love, Alessandra and Jon Neidich.

Jon, the nightlife guru behind favorite New York City spots like Acme, The Happiest Hour, and Tijuana Picnic, and Alessandra, the gorgeous  PR and Marketing Director at Kiki De Montparnasse and Sidney Garber, met years ago while working at The Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District. What is funny, however, is the place where they met could not have been more fitting, for everyone that knows them knows that these two are the epitome of a good time. And while there are hundreds of things that contribute to a good marriage/relationship, it is their love, respect, and constant ability to laugh, dance, and balance each other out that keeps these two together. As Jon says, Alessandra is his “partner in crime,” and we couldn’t think of a better way to describe these two.

So with summer love in full bloom, we sat down with Alessandra and Jon to find out what they love most about each other and what keeps the spark going between them, whether they are cutting up the dance-floor, entertaining at a dinner party, or just chilling at home.



Every couple has a story… What’s yours?
We met while working at The Standard Hotel about six years ago, there was some note passing…and well, the rest is history.

Each of you has such a busy schedule. How do you find time for being together?
Its complicated as we have very different schedules, though they are slowly inching toward each other. Nights and weekends are prime work time for Jon, but we try to squeeze in at least an hour each day before the evening starts. And Monday or Tuesday is date night. And it doesn’t hurt that his places of work also happen to be great places to bring my friends and family for dinner, drinks, and dancing.

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What do you both do to recharge?
When we are being good we meditate, when we are being bad we stay in bed all day.

What’s your perfect Date Night?
Jon: Omakase at a great sushi bar. Its often times the only way I can really relax in a restaurant. There’s a true purity in the service and thus nothing for me to over analyze, just great fish and great company.
Alessandra: That or a big plate of pasta and some delicious wine!

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How would you say you compliment each other, or balance each other out?
Though we share a birthday we have very different personalities. We have the same fundamental beliefs and values, but very different methods of getting there. We also make each other laugh, all the time.

How do you inspire each other?
We have a tremendous mutual respect for one another, and love to bounce ideas of each other. It really is a wonderful thing to have someone you trust all around, who will tell you when you’re onto something great, and when you’re being a lunatic. We always encourage each other to take chances, believe in ourselves, and to have fun.

Favorite moment together?
A: How can we choose just one?! Well, we did have the most incredible, never-ending wedding in Tuscany last summer, that was pretty magical. (I can’t believe its been a year already!) Almost any moment together is the best. We really have so much fun together, which is what its all about if you ask me.
J: Coming back on a speed boat from lunch at La Fontelina in Capri during our honeymoon. Giddy on wine and in love, it was a pretty special time.
A: Oh yeah! That could definitely be our favorite time together. Moments later Jon leapt off the back of the boat scaring the driver half to death! That was a truly perfect day.

What is your favorite thing about each other?
A: His incredible energy, spontaneity, passion, loyalty- but if I really had to narrow it down to one thing – there really is no one more fun than this guy. Oh and he’s really good looking too.
J: She is my partner in crime and my best friend. I love laughing with her. I love her sense of adventure. I love her effortless style. I love how she calms me. I love how just the sight of her after a long day makes everything seem better.

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Special thank you to Alessandra and Jon!!