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Vacationer is by fare one of my top finds from this summer. They are exactly what you want to be playing, for almost every occasion. Couple that with the fantastic visuals that Dave Homcy created for their video Trip and you have one great audio, visual combination that is hard to beat.

I sat down with Kenny Vasoli from Vacationer for a little Q&A to talk inspiration, collaboration and style.

1. As you guys have traveled over the summer, what has been your biggest inspiration?

As of recently, we got put up in Charleston, SC.  I got to DJ on a schooner for some Sperry contest winners, so while we were sailing I got blast Beach Boys and Hawaiian ragtime records.  If that’s not the essence of what we set out to do in Vacationer I don’t know what would be.  It was a truly inspiring night and I’ve taken away a lingering serenity from the experience.

2. How would you describe both your personal and musical style, and how do they contribute to each other?

I’d like to paint my self as a relaxed person.  I constantly remind myself that no minute detail of life is worth bogging down my mood.  There is beauty everywhere, and I find solace in refreshing my attention to it. That describes a good deal of  what I try to convey in Vacationer music, I want to remind myself and others that life is more enjoyable when you are truly relaxed and when we allow ourselves to wander both within and without.

3. When your not touring or recording, your…?

When I’m home I’m often found riding my bike around town, running miles, and cooking.

4. How did your latest music video concept come about? Why Hawaii?

We really only knew that we wanted to shoot somewhere tropical. Originally we had the objective of recreating the original video I spiced together for trip with Planet Earth and Werner Herzog movie footage.  That idea started to dissolve when we couldn’t find an appropriate waterfall and breakdancer.  So we just found a great filmmaker, Dave Homcy, whom happened to live on Oahu and I simply flew out there and we riffed on the concept once I arrived.

5. What is the one track that each of you can’t switch off of repeat right now?

I’m not around the others to confer right now, but we do tend to play “Lover’s Game” by Geographer often in the van when we’re on the road.  Oh, and “Why” by Frankie Avalon is also a common jam for all of us.

6. As you guys head into Fall, what’s one thing you’re stoked about that we should watch out for?

Our October tour with Bombay Bicycle Club is definitely at the top of the list.  We were listening to that record right when it came out, so the fact that we’ll be touring mates with them in the same year is pretty amazing to us.  After that we are lucky enough to get flown to Iceland for the Iceland Airwaves festival with Sigur Ros, Dirty Projectors, and Phantogram.  I’m freaking out with excitement over that, and that’s an understatement.

7. Seems like you guys have the whole surfy vibe down… Who’s a few of your fashion icons and why?

This one makes me giggle a little bit.  I don’t think I’ve ever consciously identified a fashion icon of mine.  It would probably lye somewhere between George Harrison and Jeff Spicoli.

8. If you could collaborate on a song with anyone, who would it be?

I’m honestly 100% satisfied with my present writing collaborators, Matt Young and Grant Wheeler.  If had to thrown another cook into the kitchen it would most likely be James Murphy.  He’s kind of the coolest.

9. What’s next for Vacationer?

We have on average 2 shows a week this month, including a headlining show in our hometown Philadelphia at Underground Arts on September 28th.  After that we’ll hit the road with Bombay Bicycle Club, then shoot over to Iceland for Iceland Airwaves Festival, and we’ll ride out the rest of the year writing new tunes.