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When we think of athletes, we often forget that their talents can extend far beyond just their physical abilities. Sierra Quitiquit, the widely known and acclaimed big-mountain skier, is often a victim of this as she is anything but just an athlete. From enduring familial tragedies to reaching the height of success, Quitiquit has used both her heartbreaking experiences as well as her athletic achievements as a means to reach success in everything she sets out to accomplish. Continue reading for the full story.

Growing up in Park City, Utah as the only girl in her family of three brothers, skiing was always the biggest part of Sierra’s life, serving as an avenue to channel all her energy and pride. Soon, however, after dealing with the loss of her mother and her brother, as well as assisting her other brother in his path to recovery from addiction, Sierra realized that the mental strength she applied on the slopes would turn out to be the most important element in giving her the strength to face life’s challenges.

With her family as her inspiration and the struggles and disappointments she endured throughout her life as a point of perspective, Quitiquit set out to chase her dreams outside, and in addition to, her life as a professional skier. From appearances on shows like Portlandia and America’s Next Top Model, to modeling for mega brands like Nike and American Eagle, and ultimately producing her own documentaries and appearing in films for legendary filmmakers like Warren Miller, Sierra has seen unparalleled success in the worlds of modeling and film.

Recently, Quitiquit sat down with us to talk about her latest ventures and interests, one of which is her new partnership with Outside TV Features, a new subscription video on-demand service featuring a wide-ranging, unique collection of full-length adventure sports films. After major support from Outside Magazine as a publication, Quitiquit knew there was no better platform to feature her acclaimed documentary, “How Did I Get Here,” than on Outside TV Features. As part of the partnership, Amazon’s 100th channel will stream her film, which is truly unlike any other coming-of-age story, and which will finally enable wide audiences and subscribers to understand, first-hand, the challenges and tribulations we can will ourselves to not only overcome, but find success in.

Therefore, from humble beginnings, complex family dynamics and tragic, life-changing events, to her unlikely rise to success in very different worlds: acting/producing, fashion modeling, and of course professional skiing, Sierra and her film, “How Did I Get Here,” is a very necessary story told by a young woman that will leave you inspired and awe-struck.  Rather than allowing disappointment overcome her drive, she turned it into what would ultimately fuel it.
Head to the link HERE to watch and subscribe to Outside TV Features and a very special thank you to Sierra for sharing her story with us.


All photo credits: Aaron Austin