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Steven Rojas - Style-List - Surf Collective NYC


As the Director of Social Media at the SoHo and Tribeca Grand Hotels, Steven certainly knows his way around some of the finer things NYC has to offer. So we got together with Steven to see what makes up his Style-List.

What is your favorite City and neighborhood?
New York City, Hell’s Kitchen

What is your favorite Hotel?
SoHo and Tribeca Grand Hotels

Your Favorite restaurant and dish?
Too many to name but currently I love Rubirosa for the vodka pepporoni pizza

Best Bar?
Depends on the night.. Grand Bar, Club Room, Madam Wongs and Kenmare

Favorite Vacation location?
Someplace where I can surf or someplace where I can snowboard

Favorite surf spot / board?
Ditch Plains and my John Carper board

Favorite jean brand?

Favorite Shirt?
Ralph Lauren

Essential wardrobe items?
White dress shirts, white sneakers, A.P.C. jeans

Favorite time of year?
Summer…or Spring

Your style Icon/s?
Frank Sinatra, Alfie, Steve McQueen and Han Solo

Personal style tips for others?
Correct tie length please…thank you.

Your Tailor?
Not telling

Preferred Jacket Style?
Single button

Favorite grooming product?
Burberry shower gel

Coffee or Tea?

Dream Car/Bike?
Dream car…probably a 64 cherry red convertible mustang. Bike…vintage Triumph or Ducati monster

Favorite watch / watch brand?

Essential Gadget you can’t live without?
My computer

Your favorite book?
The art of War

Favorite Album?
This is Hardcore

Favorite Not for Profit?
Scleraderma Foundation