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By: Victoria Clark

There are many foundations, organizations, and campaigns that have been formed to bring awareness and to raise money for incurable diseases and illnesses. However, many organizations are built from a unique or personal life-changing event, and it is that which makes each foundation different and special. Although the goal of the initiative may be the same, each fund attracts and unites people of various interests and backgrounds to confront pressing issues.


The Keep A Breast Foundation, or KAB, as people call it, is a perfect example of how one’s personal experiences have ignited the spark to raise awareness of breast cancer. After a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, artist and designer Shaney jo Darden’s was determined to bring attention to the illness and to encourage prevention and early detection among young people. Through her passion and vocation of art and design, Darden has successfully united people around the world to support the search for a cure.

Now, in its 15th year, Darden’s initiatives have proven to be nothing short of a tremendous success. Through its three core programs: Non Toxic Revolution, ​Traveling Education Booth​ and Treasured Chest,​ KAB has been able to promote breast cancer awareness through Art, Education, Awareness and Action. Shaney’s fierce commitment to arming young people with knowledge about breast cancer
prevention and awareness has inspired action sports athletes, musicians ranging from punk to pop, and leading contemporary artists to help broadcast the message.

KAB’s signature plaster casts of women’s and men’s torsos, hand­painted by world famous artists and auctioned for the cause, help fund the important work she does via events at which she educates thousands.

On Saturday August 22nd, the Montauk Beach House and the KAB foundation’s Non Toxic Revolution program, have come together to showcase the works of acclaimed international street artists in hopes to raise awareness of the dangers of toxic chemicals in our environment and food supply and how they are linked to the initiation of breast cancer. With hosts and supporters like Lisa and Mikey DeTemple, Danny DiMauro, Leif Engstrom, Kumi Sawyers, Dr. Lila Wolfe, and of course, Shaney jo Darden, this event is one that is sure to bring good times to support a great cause. We hope to see you there!


Photo credit: LLR and Keep A Breast Foundation, Well and Good