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With full-time jobs spanning the fields of law and fashion startups, it is often difficult to find time to pursue your passion projects, especially when factoring in building a family as well. That’s why we often find ourselves commending those who take the chance of leaving their comfort zone to build and create something of their own, whether it be a blog, brand, or any type of business for that matter.

So, to show our support for those who forge ahead with their creativity to bring something new and exciting to the world, we wanted to shed a light on the two women and sisters, Jenna Crespi and Candice Miller, whose road to motherhood has been a catalyst in creating the site for moms and moms-to-be, Mama and Tata.

While being full-time moms and running their own site, Candice and Jenna share how they do it in style. Read below to see the full interview!


Where did it all start?
Candice: It all started with my family! I craved more time with my sister as we were both creating our own families. Mama & Tata is a true labor of love, as we get to spend time together, investigating everything out there for women who want to be strong, beautiful, and in-the- know. We had this idea while we were on a plane ride back from LA, where I hosted Jenna’s pregnant bachelorette party. A few weeks later we were up and running, and we never looked back.
Jenna: I was newly pregnant and I was curious about so many aspects of becoming a mom. For my entire life, I always relied on my older sister as my go-to person for advice and I was fortunate to have her as a resource since she had the experience of two before my first. I know so many new mothers who would have my same questions, so I wanted to create resource as well as a highly curated platform to be a trusted place for other NY women, where they can have access to our sisterly exchange and advice.

What is your favorite city and neighborhood?
Candice: New York is my favorite city, as I have lived here my entire life, it’s where my family is, it’s home. I love the charm of the West Village, the streets lined with townhouses, sweet cafes and beautiful shops. It feels like a suburb in the city.
Jenna: Of course New York. The West Village, hands down.

What is your favorite hotel?
Candice: The BHH in LA. Whenever we go we tend to go down to the coffee shop for breakfast every morning for milkshakes and oatmeal. The pink pool and cabanas are classic old Hollywood, and the service at that place cannot be beat.
Jenna: Timeo in Sicily, it’s a Belmond resort, and it’s where I stayed when I got engaged. For me, it will always be the most special and romantic hotel.

Your favorite restaurant and dish?
Candice: This is a hard one, I have many favorite restaurants, we are big foodies. If I had to pick one, it would be Mario Batali’s Babbo, and the meal is the pasta sampler (which they can do gluten-free for me)
Jenna: Pasta sampler and chicken Milanese at Da Umberto in Chelsea and hamakaze at Sushi Zo

Best bar?
Candice: Dorrians. It’s been around forever, and I’ve been going there since I could drink ( maybe even a bit before) ;)
Jenna: Bowery Hotel

Favorite vacation location?
Candice: The Amangiri in Utah. It’s a true adventure and escape from life in NYC. Looks more like life on Mars.
Jenna: Barbados

Favorite surf spot / board?
Candice: Punta Del Este. Jenna and I learned how to surf while on vacation there at Jose Ignacio beach.
Jenna: I am not a big surfer, too big of a wimp, but I had a blast in small waves in St. Barth with my husband.

Favorite duffel or suitcase?
Candice: Goyard luggage that my grandparents got for me when I had my kids, for all the weekend getaways they said I would need ;)
Jenna: Filson roller carry-on suitcase

Favorite brand?
Candice: Gucci
Jenna: Isabel Marant

Favorite jean brand?
Candice: Re/Done and The Great
Jenna: Jbrand

Essential wardrobe item?
Candice: My Gucci slides and my bomber jacket
Jenna: Leather jacket and golden goose sneakers

Favorite time of year?
Candice: Summer!!! I’m in love with sunshine, warmth, and flowers, plus I get to spend extra special time with my girls and my husband at the beach.
Jenna: Summer

Your style Icon/s?
Candice: Kate Moss, Ali MacGraw, Jane Birkin, Olivia Palermo.
Jenna: DVF and Kate Moss

Personal style tip for others?
Candice: Gold is the best accent color. Try combining super feminine pieces with masculine edgy pieces, and you will always look interesting.
Jenna: You don’t have to sacrifice comfort, always have basic staples like a good white tee and sneakers as part of your wardrobe

Your tailor?
Candice: Tim the tailor…he comes to the house, need I say more!?!
Jenna: Alteration Concept

Your salon?
Candice: Valery Joseph for cut, and Nir Halevi for blowouts
Jenna: Valery Joseph

Coffee or tea?
Candice: Tea! I’ve lived a caffeine-free life since I gave birth to my littlest daughter, and it feels great.
Jenna: Tea

Favorite shoe maker?
Candice: Golden Goose. A chic, comfortable sneaker suits my lifestyle.
Jenna: Aquazzura

Dream car/bike?
Candice: My vintage Mercedes 280 SE convertible, brown on tan! It’s dreamy on a nice day! I am not a fan of new cars.
Jenna: Vintage Mercedes

Favorite watch / watch brand?
Candice: The Breguet egg on a croc band.
Jenna: Franck Muller

Essential gadget you can’t live without?
Candice: Sadly, my I-Phone is an extension of my hand. I work on it, play on it, and I’d be lost without it, literally!
Jenna: Ipad

Your favorite book?
Candice: I gave up 2 things I love when I had kids, books and the movies! I simply do not have the time anymore :( I’m hoping once they are in school full-time, I can get back to those favorite pastimes!
Jenna: The Power of Now

Favorite song or album?
Candice: The Beatles- Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Jenna: Beatles song In My Life

Favorite not-for-profit?
Candice: BCRF (Breast Cancer Research Foundation) and MSKCC (for Pediatric Cancer)
Jenna: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Favorite artist?
Candice: Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Dan Colen, Marilyn Minter… I can go on…a girl can dream!
Jenna: My favorite photographers are Cindy Sherman and Ryan Mcginley