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When you think of what makes New York City so special, the first thing that comes to mind is the people in it and the fact that they come from all backgrounds, geographies, and professions. And having known Jaclyn Burney since first moving to New York as a wide-eyed recent college graduate, I couldn’t have had a better example of the type of people that make this city so cool.

Whether I bump into her on a Saturday morning outside Maman’s coffee or at dinner at Jacque’s on a Friday night, Jaclyn’s essence and coolness factor never cease to impress me. However, the most special thing about this beautiful blonde and Tennessee girl, is the fact that she is so down-to-earth and effortlessly edgy at the same time. So after years of living in the city as a southern transplant and working at some of the top fashion labels in the world (including her current position as the Head of Sales at R13), we were excited when Jac sat down with us to share her eclectic southern and city style.

By: Victoria Clark



Where did it all start?
I would say it all started with my roots, in Nashville, TN. I was surrounded by lots of denim and rhinestones, and the denim thing really stuck with me. My favorite thing to wear is all denim… for whatever reason that is when I feel sexiest and most confident. I actually have on all denim right now, no joke.

What is your favorite city and neighborhood?
My favorite city is still NYC. I have lived here for 9 years and whenever I leave for a trip, I love coming home to this place. Right now my favorite neighborhood is Greenwich Village, there are a lot of new restaurants and coffee shops popping up and it’s getting a great neighborhood feel.

What is your favorite hotel?
Hotel San Jose in Austin, TX

Your favorite restaurant and dish?
Emilio’s Ballato. I could close my eyes and land on any pasta and my mine would be blown.

Best bar?
I always love The Leadbelly

Favorite vacation location?
Well, I am not sure I have found it yet, but I fell in love with Nosara in Costa Rica. The place is magical, you wake up with the sun and fall asleep pretty much as soon as it gets dark. This is where I learned to surf for the first time. And the wildlife there is beautiful, I became very good friends with little Isabella, a baby monkey, while I was there.

Favorite surf spot / board?

Favorite duffel or suitcase?
Vintage Louis Vuitton, which unfortunately I don’t own… yet.

Favorite brand?

Favorite jean brand?

Essential wardrobe item?
Black leather moto jacket

Favorite time of year?
Hands down the Fall, I love everything about it.

Your style Icon/s?
James Dean, Bridget Bardot, and I think Cate Blanchett always looks incredible

Personal style tip for others?
Less is more

Your tailor?
Jerri’s on 10th street

Your salon?
I still go to Nashville to get my hair done… a place called Local Honey

Coffee or tea?

Favorite shoe maker?
St. Laurent

Dream car/bike?
1969 Black Mustang convertible, I sometimes dream about it. I used to have a 1973 R75/5 BMW motorcycle, and that was a dream at the time!

Favorite watch / watch brand?
Don’t have one but would love a vintage rolex!

Essential gadget you can’t live without?
I hate saying it… but my Iphone

Your favorite book?
The Untethered Soul

Favorite song or album?
Jolene by Dolly Parton and Suspicious Minds by Elvis… it’s a close call

Favorite not-for-profit?
Human Rights Watch

Favorite artist?
Keith Haring






Here Jaclyn is with a few of her best girlfriends and recently featured ladies, Alessandra Brawn and Ellen Moore.

Main photo credit: Garance Doré. Check out the full edit on our friend Garance’s blog here!