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Tyler Stanaland, pro surfer/skimboarder, Catch Surf team rider, and California native, is one of the most stylish guys you’ll see around. With a sleeve of tattoos, you might assume that Tyler is just another bad boy pro athlete; however, with a laid back Cali mentality, this surfer makes it clear that although he takes pride in his appearance, he does not take himself too seriously, and that, in my opinion, is the definition of true style.

Born and raised in Laguna Beach, Tyler has successfully made a name for himself amongst the slew of other local surfers vying for a place in the professional world. And with sponsors like Catch Surf, one of the cooler surf brands out there right now, as well as an inimitable sense of style and edge, we had to know what makes his taste and sense of style so unique and cool. Therefore, we caught up with Stanaland after the Catch Surf “Get Wet Tour” to take a peak into his Cali surfer state of mind.

Read on below for the full interview:

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Where did it all start?
I guess it all started in Laguna Beach, where I was born.

What is your favorite city and neighborhood?
The Sunset District in San Francisco.

What is your favorite hotel?
Tavarua Island Resort, Fiji. As a surfer, it doesn’t get any better.

Your favorite restaurant and dish?
San Shi Go Sushi. Their cajun seared Ahi is the best in the game.

Best bar?
The Shannon Arms in San Francisco. One of my best friends worked there in the college years. It’s a dive bar in the Sunset District that smells of last night’s beer and poor choices but i can’t pass through the city without stopping by for a drink.

Favorite vacation location?
Mexico. Big waves, cold beer, warm sun.

Favorite surf spot / board?
My 6’0” Odysea Skipper at The Wedge.

Favorite duffel or suitcase?
My Herschel Novel Duffle and Little America backpack get me around the world just fine.

Favorite brand?
Catch Surf and I’m lucky enough to be one of their athletes now. I was a fan even before working with them. They do what they think is cool and they stand out from the rest of the surf industry. I like that. I like that they do what they think is cool even if it’s somewhat against the grain.

Favorite jean brand?
I don’t really have a favorite go-to brand. I just like fitted, darker denim.

Essential wardrobe item?
A good denim jacket and a loud pair socks.

Favorite time of year?
Fall at home. Summer still lingers on while the crowds are back to school and work.

Your style Icon/s?
I don’t know if I personally iconify anyone’s style in particular, but I’m drawn to a more vintage look.

Personal style tip for others?
Style is opinion. Wear what you want.

Your tailor?
The dry cleaners down the street haha. I don’t tailor much though.

Your salon?
Krystina Torres at God’s and Hero’s in Costa Mesa, CA.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee. But, like fake sugar girly coffee. Vanilla latte’s and such.

Favorite shoe maker?
Vans and Converse high tops. Classic and comfy.

Dream car/bike?
Dream Car: 1960’s ford Pick up any year.
Dream Bike: 1949 Vincent Black Shadow.

Favorite watch / watch brand?
My Breitling Chronomat for those spiffy occasions.

Essential gadget you can’t live without?
My iPhone. It’s sad, but be honest, neither can you.

Your favorite book?
The Alchemist. Short easy read and a powerful message.

Favorite song or album?
I bounce around genre’s too much for an all time favorite, but I’ve been playing a bit of Flume’s last album lately.

Favorite not-for-profit?
Waves For Water. The founder is from my home town and it’s amazing to see the impact his organization has had in such a short amount of time. Everyone needs clean drinking water and Waves For Water is helping that happen.

Favorite artist?
@beefs_official, he’s a GoPro wizard.


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P.S. See the stud shred long and hard below:


Major thanks to Tyler!