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DAY #2

Jet lag, restless night, the perfect cure.. jogging in Yoyogi Park.  Today is the launch of the first of five Surf Bazaar Pop-Up shops in Ron Herman Japan stores.  First stop, Sendagaya.

With everyone that we meet in Tokyo, there is a similar exchange…”Do you surf?” “yes!”
Then we talk about where and how, and the challenges of getting a session in  while
being a part time city dweller. This window display says it all (*City Surfer).

I  also ran across a cool board by Japanese shaper Sekizawa Seisakusho of Natural MInd Surf Boards; I loved the peaceful message “Drop in Not Bombs”.  We stop in at an organic restaurant for a quick bite before a day of interviews. True to form, the japanese take organic to an intense level…the salad is way *organic* and we are literally eating foliage.

After day of interviews with WWD japan, among others, we get ready for our first launch party complete with beautiful super models, DJ’s and all. Again, Japanese perfection, we have neon colored drinks (Surf Bazaar loves its flourescents) and a perfect rendition of the Surf Bazaar logo…carved in a watermelon. The store is beautiful with a killer Cafe and selection of great boards.  Was very surprised to see the inspiration images for the collection blown up on every wall of the 7,000 sq/ft store, a nice surprise. Artist Takahiro Hida also hangs on the wall with his awesome resin & string art.
The party is a hit, good turn out, and the first Surf Bazaar Japan store was an amazing replica of the original in Montauk.

DAY #3

Woke up with another amazing run in Yoyogi park.  We are about two weeks late to see the Cherry Blossoms in high season in the park, so we decide to head over to my favorite area Nakemaguro and walk the Aobadai street by the canal. In high blossom season (early April), this stretch would be an amazing sight. We did find one lone cherry tree in full bloom, but that was it.  Along the canal are amazing shops, including one of my favorites GreenScape, a little garden store with some very wabi-sabi pots.  They have these crazy moss-balls that you can create to plant directly in for a very Seuss-ian garden display.

After a quick lunch of Soba, we head to Ebisu to hands down, my absolute favorite store ever, Kapital.  After almost 20 years, Kapital is one of the most referenced brands for american workwear & denim designers.  On any given day you will run into some american designer salivating at their hand stitched indigo dungarees.  Pulling up to their main store (they have 3 in one small area of Ebisu) I spy their super cool vintage Popeye in the window. Inside, they have a display of another childhood favorite of mine, snow-globes, depicting what seems to be a japanese interpretation of a californian surfer from the 70’s. Weird, but funny. I do some serious damage to the wallet and end up with the perfect chambray overalls that will be my summer uniform in Montauk.

Last stop, our second Surf Bazaar launch at the Futakotamagawa location of Ron Herman.  We have a great turn out and Surf Bazaar is getting a lot of love from our japanese surfer ladies. The hand carved Surf Bazaar watermelon form the night before made it to futakotamagawa! We decide not to take any chances losing track of our new mascot, and smuggle him back to the hotel for some rest.




Bethany Mayer

Bethany Mayer, owner of Surf Bazaar,  a clothing store located at The Surf Lodge in Montauk NY, and a women’s clothing collection.  Surf Bazaar will expand for Summer 2012 with a second location in Montauk, and a third in Sag Harbor.