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Day 4

Earth Day in Japan!  Yoyogi Park does it right with an earth day celebration; every hippie in the country congregates in the park to support their cause.  We spy a ton of flags (a Surf Bazaar obbsesion ) and some cannabis beer that looks mighty tasty after a morning run, seriously.

Off to grab some coffee and check out the new bookstore, Tsutaya, in Daikanyama.  We spy newly engaged friends Tori Praver and Danny Filler on the cover of japanese ELLE!  A few coffees and book purchases later, we are off.  Our friends Rie and Yuyeah and their dog Choobi come pick us up to head to the suburb Tsujido, the last stop for the Surf Bazaar Pop-up shop, that is until the Kobe and Yurakucho shops next month. We arrive at the store and it looks fantastic! A few small touches here and there and its off to the beach.

We head to nearby Shichirigahama to check out their waves (pict of Rie, me, Jennifer in front of break) and we are stoked to see some brave surfers out in a total downpour. A quick stop in to say hi to Dagawa, A local legend and shaper, at his store Blue Horizon.  I spot a beautiful long board with a pastel checkerboard nose I wish would fit in my luggage, but instead I settle for a picture of Degawa and little pup JiJI next to it.

After a great visit with Dagawa we head back to the city to visit Yuyeah’s brother, a sushi chef.  We are treated to an amazing meal, although difficult at times for this long-time vegetarian.  I get the feeling something is watching me throughout dinner

Day 5

Final Day in Japan!  The weather is a perfect 75 and sunny, so we decide to take it outdoors.  Our new BFF’s Rie and Yuyeah swing by to grab to go to Tsukiji fish market.  We forgo the 5 am fish market auctions for a leisurely 10 am wander around the open air market.  We spy a handmade knife maker, and decide to get a vegetable knife as a perfect gift for mom! Just for safe measure, we have the knife maker engrave “Longevity” in the blade.

Did I mention I was a vegetarian who sparingly eats fish?  This market is not for the sea-creature loving variety, or the faint of heart.  Dried whole squid, Tuna by the boat load, every shell-fish imaginable, and some seriously disturbing items we are pretty sure must be illegal.  We especially love the wooden fish traps, bikes, and colorful rows of dried edibles.

We reluctantly leave and head back to the hotel to send Jennifer on her way to Hawaii.  I make my way to Meiji Shrine for some last minute sight seeing and take a minute to say a prayer and make an offering.  I will miss this city!  But summer is upon us New Yorkers, and time to get the Bazaar ready for business.  Come see us for a visit!  Arigato!

Surf Bazaar will open May 18th at The Surf Lodge in Montauk, and in their new location in Sag Harbor, in the garden cottage behind the Romany Kramoris Gallery at 41 Main Street.