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By: Victoria Clark

There are dozens of reasons why I love reading The Financial Times. From providing real-time updates on current events to pivotal financial information on companies and businesses and cutting edge interviews with designers, entrepreneurs, and movers and shakers around the world, the FT consistently diversifies their content drawing in readers with various interests and backgrounds. And this past weekend, The Financial Times talked about the man-made swells and surf mecca known as Surf Snowdonia. 


Surf Snowdonia, a revolutionary world-first inland surf lagoon that seems to have finally created the perfect man-made continuous swell, has finally opened in North Wales and FT reporter India Ross documented her experience and views on what seems to be surf mecca:

“The history of inland surfing is littered with failures. Man-made waves have been engineered around the world in a variety of formats in the hope of creating training grounds to complement the real thing. The idea is that on identical waves that arrive predictably, tricks can be repeated and thereby perfected. But perfecting the technology behind wave generation has so far proved elusive — indeed Surf Snowdonia’s is still being calibrated when I arrive, its fits and starts orchestrated by a Spanish man with a walkie-talkie who spends the day running back and forth along the pier like a harassed football manager… Surf Snowdonia, though, seems likely to pull off the lucrative trick of satisfying both casual and committed surfers. Already the feedback from surfing websites has been positive — Magicseaweed, one of the best-known, declared it “rippable as all hell”. Beginners, meanwhile, will appreciate the charismatic instructors and there are snug wooden camping pods for overnight stays as well as a glass-sided café running the length of the lake that offers a better close-up view of the sport than you’d ever find on the coast.”

Like a skate park, but for surfers, with wave lengths varying from beginner to intermediate to advanced, the Wavegarden provides the perfect setting for all levels of surfers to enjoy the perfect wave while also perfecting their style.

However, aside from providing the perfect place to practice your surfing, this land of “evolving waves” also has other activities for those who are not looking to surf. For example, on August 23rd Surf Snowdonia will open it’s Crash and Splash Lagoon containing the infamous “BLOB” water park.


Click HERE to read the full Financial Times article and HERE to head to the Surf Snowdonia website to book your trip.


Photo Credits: The Inertia, Surf Snowdonia

Quote Credit: Financial Times