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Every year, in an effort to fund two critical regional clean water and coastal preservation programs, Surfrider’s annual Two Coasts: One Ocean event brings like-minded influencers together to protect the oceans we love.

On the evening of August 13th, the East Coast event will gather guests for a formal, locally sourced dinner, set against a stunning natural backdrop. Much like surfers protect the locations of their favorite breaks, this year’s Montauk event will be held at a beautiful “secret” location to be disclosed only to ticketholders. Specialty cocktails featuring Finlandia Vodka will complement a full bar sponsored by Finlandia. The music stylings of Savannah Buffett and local musicians will entertain guests during a sunset cocktail hour on the water. A highlight of the evening will be the live auction featuring an exclusive trip to Volcom’s Pipeline house on the North Shore of Oahu, a trip to the Billabong Pipeline Masters and an exciting VIP trip to Las Vegas to meet Coldplay.

This year’s event is also very special as Montauk’s own, pro surfer, photographer and filmmaker Mikey Detemple will debut his film “Into The Sea”, narrated by actor John Slattery (of “Mad Men” fame), that will drive awareness for Montauk’s water quality issues and reinforce the need for local water monitoring.

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“I’m so excited to tell this story and like many people who enjoy the water out here, I know the water quality problems on the East end first hand- from sailing in Fort Pond, to swimming in South Lake, and even surfing in front of the storm runoff pipes at Ditch Plains. We’ve got some serious issues we need to tackle- but these aren’t issues that need to pass through legislation. We can make a difference today by making simple and effective changes to our lawns. By planting some native vegetation on your property. By stopping spraying pesticides and toxic fertilizers, and by supporting Surfrider Foundations’ Ocean Friendly Gardens and Blue Water Task Force. We’re creating awareness and solving the problem at the same time.” – Mikey DeTemple, filmmaker

Surfrider’s CEO Chad Nelson continues to recognize and build on the importance of preserving both sides of our country’s coastlines:

“Our Eastern Long Island Chapter identified two important projects that will ensure clean water and protect the beautiful coastlines of Eastern Long Island. Surfrider connects our national experts with our chapters to address issues from the ground up. Strong, local community connections are what makes our work successful and locally relevant.” – Chad Nelsen, Surfrider CEO

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