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By: Nico Klimek

The beach bums living a double life in the city always seem to exude a certain coolness. In the warmer weather they stand out with their sun-stained skin and an ease in their step that makes it seem like the city sidewalk is a sandy shoreline. The joining of city and beach culture pairs together like avocado toast- simple and natural. Wyeth Eyewear is a new sunglass brand that is designed in Brooklyn and represents this beach and city union.

With frame names like “Sutton” and “Calyer” it’s no secret that Wyeth has a soft spot for it’s Brooklyn home. The designs are a fresh twist of bold, Brooklyn attitude and fun, surf vibes. Rather than catering to only one persona, Wyeth has created a line of sunglasses that doesn’t force a choice of beach or city style. You can have both.


To find out more about this up and coming brand I had a quick sit down with Wyeth’s President, Stefanie Heleva. We met at Northern Territory, a Greenpoint bar with delicious cocktails. Stefanie was a real-life version of the brand’s persona. With her simple yet put-together ensemble and her blonde, beachy hair, she could be heading to a meeting with a fashion editor one minute, and off on a road trip down the coast the next. So of course, I had to ask her, “if you could only pick one item of makeup to use, what would it be?” Without hesitation, Stefanie replied, “Lip Gloss.” She went on to explain that this is an easy, on-the-go item and it is still noticeable when wearing your sunglasses. Take tips, ladies (this makes a lot of sense)!

As we continued to chat, I uncovered a bit more about Wyeth’s background. “We’re an independent sunglass brand born and operated in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, that came to life from the constant travel from city to coast,” Stef stated. She went on to explain that the reason they offer such a variety of frames and colors is because each has its’ own inspiration that is drawn from both the city and coast. “All of our frames are classic silhouettes with modern twists, inspired and motivated by the talent that surrounds us in Brooklyn, and the individuals we come across on our travels.” When you scroll through the Wyeth Instagram it’s clear that this brand is a collected twist of city and coast.

Continue reading below to see the full Q&A with Stefanie!

NK: What makes sunglasses so great?
SG: Sunglasses are a fun way for people to express themselves and their personality, plus they protect your eyes!

NK: Who is on your playlist for Festival Season/Summer?
SG:Anna Lunoe, Empire of the Sun, Twenty One Pilots, The Chainsmokers

NK: Favorite Brooklyn night spots?
SG: Spritzenhaus for large group hangs, Westlight for the crazy view, The Barge for summer nights, and FREEHOLD because it never is not a good time.

NK: If you could only wear one frame from the current WYETH collection for the rest of your life which one would it be?
SG: The Dilworth in Dark Havana. They are retro-inspired and a tasteful statement piece. They can be dressed up or down.

NK: What is in store for your upcoming Spring/Summer collection?
SG: A nice mix of both timeless and playful styles will be arriving this Spring.




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