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THE NEWSSTAND at The Standard for Art Basel Miami

With Art Basel kicking off this week, one of my favorite pop-ups, The Newsstand, will be moving their little Brooklyn shop down to sunny Miami Beach, which will be open daily throughout the fair at the Standard Hotel & Spa.

The Newsstand is a space that re-imagines the traditional format of a newsstand with independent zines, magazines and records, opening itself up as a forum to artists, photographers and cultural leaders. The Newsstand, which opens at The Standard starting tomorrow, Wednesday December 4th, running through Sunday December 8th, is curated by Lele Saveri, the founder of 8-Ball Zine Fair who has developed a community and platform for creativity and exposure.

We caught up with Lele before the doors of The Newsstand Miami open to chat about what we should look forward to in Miami and what is next for the shop in New York.

Lele Saveri_The Newsstand_Art_Basel_Miami

Surf Collective: In a few sentences tell me what The Newsstand is/does/means to you?

Lele Saveri:
It’s a community space open to everyone, a canvas that keeps on getting painted over, a shop window for everyone to show their best fruits.

SC: So, you’re off to Miami to setup for your pop-up at the Standard – Why Art Basel?

LS: The Standard asked Alldayeveryday, our partners in The Newsstand, if we wanted to produce something in one section of the hotel, with a bar. So we decided to move everyone there for a week and have some fun times in the sun (we haven’t gotten much underground..). We’re also riding a special bike-stand on the beach, follow us on Instagram and you’ll see where we are going to be.

SC: What are some of the more unique things that visitors can look forward to seeing at The Newsstand Miami (limited edition releases, signings, etc.)? Is there a particular day/event that shouldn’t be missed at The Newsstand Miami?

LS: There are few things. I got 3 collectors of old music zines (two from NY and one from SF) to select some special titles from their collections, and they’ll be on sale every day. Then our friend Tino, who bartended at Max Fish in NY for years, has been flown down to run the bar. Also everyday we have some guest to keep the project exciting. Little hint, Glen O’Brian’s new book release “Penance” with be on Friday at 5 pm. Be sure to check the internet for other events.

SC: What are some of the things you are most excited about seeing while at the Fair? Hopefully you’ll have some time to leave the stand and get out and about.

LS: Let’s hope I can get [out] to see it at least.

SC: Independent publications have been making a comeback for a while now, what do you think is driving the emergence of all these new indie mags and zines?

LS: I think that after being excited about everything that the internet was bringing us, we have now a new need of touching things and [to] collect some physical objects.

SC: Any exciting projects coming up for The Newsstand New York?

LS: Yes quite a few, so be ready. Another little hint here, don’t miss Andrew Kuo’s and Weirdo Dave (Fuck This Life)’s installations to complete the series started by Nathaniel Matthews and Todd James. Dec 13th and Dec 20th.

SC: Any insights you can share on the longer-term vision for the stand?

LS: Not really, sorry.

SC: Do you have a particular goal you would like to accomplish with The Newsstand?

LS: Getting rich and buy a Ferrari.

AllDayEveryDay - Newsstand Miami - Standard Hotel

The Newsstand will be open Dec. 4th 2013 – Dec. 8th 2013 from 11am – 11pm at The Standard Miami – 40 Island Ave, Miami Beach