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From its opening on New Year’s Eve in 1930, (thank you Mr. Firestone) This famed sandy hangout was the playground for some of the worlds most famous faces. The sparkling sun and cool, clear waters of Miami attracted the likes of Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner who honeymooned at The Surf Club. As well as Elizabeth Taylor who visited with her first fiancé. Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and The Duke and Duchess of Windsor all made it a vacation spot while Winston Churchill spent so much time there, he had two oceanfront cabanas: one for afternoon naps and one for painting seascapes. On the eve of a redesign by architect Richard Meier, (The Surf Club is slated to reopen in 2015) the Miami institution gets its due in Assouline’s The Surf Club, which celebrates the spectacular past, present, and future of what many regard as the jewel of Miami Beach.




The Surf Club Miami Beach 1


See Richard Meier’s redesign of The Surf Club here.