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Photos by Sarah Noel Pankow and Katie Durko

When you hear the name Tori Praver, we tend to think of the model turned swimsuit designer, whose bikinis grace the bodes of babes of all shapes and sizes the world over. However, there is another side of Mrs. Praver that runs parallel to her successful career that we often forget don’t see. That Tori is also a caring friend, wonderful wife, passionate sister, loving daughter and most importantly a strong mother.

As someone who inspires us in all facets of her life we sat down with Tori to discuss her goals, aspirations and her worries of raising her kids in a city. She even gives herself a little advise.


SC: Since you’ve become a mom, what has been the biggest change or revelation to happen in your life?
TP: Raising your children and making them the best person they can be is a huge responsibility. When you bring a human being into the world all you could want is for him/her to be something great.

SC: You are pretty much a superwoman – while you manage and run your successful swimsuit line, Tori Praver Swimwear, and continue your career as a model, you are also a very active and hands on mom to your kids, Ryan and Phoenix. What would you say helps you manage such a busy schedule while also making time for your family?
TP: The hardest thing has been for me to be present as a mom and wife, but also in my career- honestly, the thing that really helps manage it is to let go of the guilt. Working helps to make a better life for my family and although I feel really guilty because I want to be present with my family – but you just have to let the guilt go. It took me some time to realize that you can’t be everywhere at once.

SC: In 2013 you married your longtime boyfriend, Danny Fuller. What, in your opinion, has been the key to maintaining a successful relationship?
TP: Making the time for each other and having a night to spend together as a date night is really important. With a young daughter and a baby, it has helped a lot to bring us closer and you learn so much about each other in a different light – seeing him as a dad is really amazing; However, I must admit that it is crazy thinking that you can live in the same house with someone and feel so out of the loop!

SC: What was your upbringing like as a child? Were there any lessons you were taught growing up that you hope to teach Ryan and Phoenix?
TP: I grew up with lots of family and cousins around me. It was really nice and special and I hope to be able to provide that to my kids. My mom always instilled the lesson of karma to us and that whatever we do and put out in the universe will come back to you. Although they are young I try to teach Ryan and Phoenix the importance of Karma even at such a young age.

SC: Although you have your hands full with being a mom, wife, designer, and model, what are some of your future aspirations – personally and professionally?
TP: As of now, I really don’t think I could take on anything else at the moment, but I’d really like to just excel at everything that I’m doing. I would love to have more children and take on passions that I love, like becoming a yoga instructor.

SC: Is there someone you look up to most for wisdom on being a mom? What about in business, any mentors?
TP: My mother is definitely an inspiration – she absolutely is my best friend and I’m very lucky to have her. Rachel Roy, professionally and personally, has been a great help and mentor – if I have a question I can always send her a photo to get her opinion

SC: You and your family spend a lot of time between LA, Hawaii, and NYC. What do you like most about these vastly different locations?
TP: I have an apartment in New York that I rent out, I spend the least amount of time in New York. As much as I loved living there I could never accept the fact that it is my home – I LOVE the culture and energy but I was always looking for ways to get back to the ocean and the west coast. However, I do try to spend at least a month in Hawaii. We try to expose Ryan and Phoenix to life there because we love it so much, but at the moment it is a bit hard to raise someone in Hawaii. We currently reside full-time in Malibu and it is a perfect medium and a good place to raise kids. I hope that I can raise my daughter and son in LA and still keep them grounded.

SC: Being a mom is a full-time job and running your own business can only make things even more stressful, but you stay so fit and so naturally beautiful during it all. How do you maintain such a great physique and natural beauty with your busy schedule?
TP: A couple of things – chasing around two kids definitely burns a lot of calories, I do a lot of yoga and I definitely make time for that and it has really helped me stay in shape…. I even did it through my pregnancy. Also, eating super healthy and organic is very important to us and I think it is definitely something to live by.

SC: Knowing what you know now, what is something you would share with your younger self about life?
TP: I think I would probably say to live in the moment and take advantage of being young and the experiences that you have. I feel like in the modeling world you grow up so fast and you are forced to be older and do things on your own and I really wish that I had time to be a kid. You’re really forced to grow up fast and learn to take care of yourself.

SC: What is something you are most excited about for the future?
TP: I’m really excited to see my daughter and son grow up and do amazing things. I want a big family and I think it’s so exciting to see the great things they accomplish!

Although the success of her business is without a doubt, a very important and significant part of her life, Praver’s role as a mother is the most important job of all. With honesty and poise, Tori admits that though she may not always get things right, learning to roll with the punches and accept her imperfections makes her many roles much easier to juggle. Now, with baby #2, the blonde beauty has continued to prove that women really can do it all. She redefines what it means to be a modern working mother and wife and is a true role model for those who balance work and family life. With that in mind, we couldn’t have thought of a better example of a woman who truly embodies what it really means to be a power woman and mega mom.