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By: Jon Rose

W4W Update :: Bosnia Flood Relief :: June 1

Quick update from ground zero.

Day one complete…

VERY little support has gotten to the mountainous regions that were hit hardest by the recent floods because many of the roads are washed out – at this point, a chopper is really the only way… which, lucky for us, we have access to being that we are partnered with a US Army Civil Affairs Team for this project.

The whole experience today was such a great example of what a partnership can be – each side doing what they do best for the greater good. The military provided access and support that we could never have gained otherwise. And we provided the program – which is often the missing piece on their end. It was remarkable, really… and the way it should always be. We’ve definitely had big breakthroughs in trying to establish this type of disaster / conflict-zone response model – specifically in Afghanistan (also with US Army) and in Haiti with the UN, but today was another level. I can say with confidence that we now have a great working template to reference for the future. I’m not usually inclined to use “buzz” words like “synergy”, but it was exactly that – all parties owning their roles and truly collaborating to solve the problems at hand.

“Work smarter, not harder”, I think that’s the saying?! Well, cheers to that! …the operation today was smart, efficient, and best of all – easy.

It’s a beautiful thing to actually feel a paradigm shifting… to watch a new model form, in real time.

What a day. What a mission.

Thank you all for the tireless support and commitment you have shown to this cause and to me personally.

More to come.

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The flooded town of Obrenovac, 40 kilometers west of Belgrade, is seen May 19. pgoto by Alexa Stankovic 7

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