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Surf Collective and Waves for Water are extremely thankful for all of our amazing contributors! It is because of all of their kindness that we have been able to pull this great campaign together. #Love4Relief wouldn’t be the same without them…because lord knows you would not want to send my art attached to a love note.

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Noah Abrams, Photographer
Noah Abrams is best known for photographing the contemporary music and commercial fashion scenes for magazines including Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, GQ, and others. His photos range from arresting portraits to intimate snapshots of athletes in action, including a series on skateboarders in Afghanistan for the New York Times. http://www.noahabrams.com/.

Justin Bastien, Photographer
Justin Bastien specializes in photographing outdoor sports, adventure, lifestyle and environmental photography. His insatiable passion for travel, adventure, and the endless pursuit of fun influence his unique point of view and the subjects he photographs for a wide variety of international clients. http://justinbastien.com/.

Tim Bessell, Surf Board Shaper
Tim Bessell is combining his lifelong surfing experience with expert craftsmanship to create some of the best custom surfboards in the world. From world-class professionals to weekend warriors, anyone who knows him will tell you the same thing: Tim is more than a shaper, he’s an artist. http://www.bessellsurf.com/index.php.

Jamie Brisick, Writer
Jamie Brisick, New York-based writer, has published two books was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in 2008. His stories have appeared in such notable publications as The New York Times, The Guardian, Details, and The Surfer’s Journal. http://jamiebrisick.com/.

Zak Bush, Photographer
Zak Bush’s photographic career began with a broken wrist, still wanting to participate in surfing and find waves during his four months out of the water. He is now a main contributor to SBC Surf and utilizes his editorial style to create imagery that captures the feeling of the environment around him. http://zakbush.com/.

Julia Chiang, Fine Artist
Julia Chiang, born in Atlantic City, has lived and worked in NY for over 10 years and believes she has a bit of clairvoyance and luck in her bones. She has exhibited her work at places such as: Deitch Projects, The New Museum, OHWOW in Miami, Michael Steinberg Fine Art, Tina Kim Gallery and is an active contributor to the Bicycle Film Festival, The Creative Center, Visual AIDS, Stoked Mentoring & Exalt Youth. http://www.artlog.com/p/1222-

Mikey Detemple, Filmmaker
Mikey DeTemple is a native East Coast surfer who recently produced and directed the film “Picaresque.” A stylish longboarder, Mikey has won numerous pro contests and has graced the covers of Longboard Magazine and ESM. http://www.highseasfilm.com/about/.

E & G, Design Studio
E & G is an NYC based studio founded by art director Elisa Bates and illustrator George Bates. The studio’s services include logo identity systems, branding, symbols & marks, illustration, posters, typography, icons, music packaging, print & collateral, motion graphics, and film & video. http://www.eandgstudio.com/.

MrFurious, Graphic Artist
Anonymous by choice, MrFurious is a graphic art sensation. www.instagram.com/mister_furious

Rogan Gregory, Fashion Designer
Rogan Gregory is known for his environmentally and socially conscious clothing lines. He began his fashion career in New York in 1995 designing for Calvin Klein before he launched his avant-garde Rogan Collection in 2001 and co-founded Rogan/Loomstate, an urban-cool clothing line made from organic cotton in 2004. http://www.rogannyc.com/.

Alberto Guglielmi, Photographer
Alberto Guglielmi is a true adventurer. Born in Rome, he became a professional windsurfer and snowboarder in Italy before moving to New York nearly 15 years ago to pursue photography. Alberto began his career with a portrait exhibition in New York and is currently shooting advertising, commercial, and editorial assignments in the US and around the globe. http://albertog.com/.

Michael Halsband, Photographer
Born and raised in New York City, Michael Halsband started photography as a hobby at age ten, combining it with all other interests in his life to experience or explore them to a greater depth.  He bought his own studio in 1978 while attending SVA, photographing notable figures for magazine covers and editorials such as: Andy Warhol, Bernice Abbott, David Byrne, Walter Stedding, and others. http://www.michaelhalsband.com/. 

Justin Jay, Photographer
Justin Jay specializes in advertising and portrait/lifestyle reportage of artists, athletes and musicians using a relaxed and narrative approach.  He is currently working on a book project called Beach Access documenting the candid lifestyle of professional surfers on the North Shore of Hawaii. http://www.justinjay.com/.

River Jordan, Photographer
River Jordan’s photography is a melting pot of life experiences. Raised sailing around the world on a 50-foot sailboat with his family, his work has revolved around the water and the people who enjoy it. He lives for new experiences, sailing, travel, and collaborative projects. http://riverjordanphoto.com/.

Nick Lynn
Nick Lynn is a native of NYC whose bond with the ocean comes from formative years in a beach house designed by renowned modernist Andrew Geller. A Parsons’ alum, his design work has received awards from Communication Arts, and his illustration is ceaselessly imbued with the spirit of life by the water. He currently leads the Surfrider Foundation’s NYC chapter, and is an avid surfer / surf traveler. www.veryblackstripe.com

Kassia Meador, Model / Surfer
Kassia Meador is a true California girl who has traveled the world as a model and professional surfer for Roxy. Along her journey of discovery, she keeps an analogue, shooting exclusively on film, which brings a flavor to each image that digital can’t capture. http://kassiameador.com/.

Tommy Mendes, Photographer
Tommy Mendes always seems to find myself in the middle of something: in the middle of style combustions and fashion disasters, crowded rooms and empty screams, laughs, applause, and music. Whether on location or shooting portraits in the studio, he is always in the middle of life.  Intrigued?  http://tommendes.com/.

Heidi Merrick, Fashion Designer
Los Angeles-based designer Heidi Merrick’s collection reflects her California lifestyle. Her collections are tactile and luxe and favor a natural fabrication and tailored cut. Having been raised in a family of craftsman, Heidi’s line of women’s clothing, founded in 2006, is a tribute to artistry, with all of the production done within walking distance of her downtown studio. Get the inside look at Heidi’s collections by visiting her website at http://www.heidimerrick.com/.

Chris Mosier, Photographer
Chris Mosier is not only a photographer; he is a surfer, a traveler, a Southerner, and a banjo player who has lived in Boulder, Australia, all over Europe, and now New York City. He has worked on both sides of the camera for over 20 years, as a model, photographer and videographer. http://christophermosier.tumblr.com/.

Jason Naylor, Graphic Designer
Jason Naylor, a native of Salt Lake City, now lives in Brooklyn, NY and spends most of his time creating.  Jason’s work employs both design and typography, always relying on the creativity of the subconscious to take the wheel. http://www.jasonnaylordesign.com/.

Michael de Nicola, Fine Artist
Michael DeNicola was born and raised in New York City. He has been involved with the Centre-fuge Public Art Project and has shown his work in art galleries in New York and Los Angeles. http://brenockfineart.com/artists/michael/index.html.

Alessandra Olanow, Illustrator
Alessandra Olanow has worked with such iconic brands as Virgin Mobile, The NFL, The Dairy Association, The Nantucket Film Festival and D’addario Strings. Her slight yet deliberate lines give her work a unique, whimsical style that immediately turns her subjects into friends. http://www.alessandraolanow.com/.

Dane Peterson, Photographer
Dane’s studied compositions and uncanny eye for subtlety are influenced by his years of surfing prowess. While focusing on peak action moments, Peterson invariably looks for the honesty and beauty found in transition. As one of the two or three best surfers of his generation at Malibu, Dane had been visually framing photos long before he held a camera. http://danepetersonphotography.com/.

Ryan Struck, Photographer
A Senior Photographer for Eastern Surf Magazine and Contributing Photographer for Surfing Magazine, Ryan strives to bring different perspectives to the world of wave riding. Having a desire to capture images that help viewers imagine the instant the shutter clicked fuels his passion to combine beautiful light, people and places. http://ryanstruck.com/.

Tomoko Sugimoto, Fine Artist
Japanese-born Tomoko Sugimoto got her start as Takashi Murakami’s assistant in charge of Brooklyn, NY. She is now producing her own shows, including a gallery exhibit called “Whirl and Swallow” in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. http://www.tomokosugimoto.com.

Andreea Waters, Photographer
Andreea is the founder of Kai and Gipsy Urban Wear, a lifestyle apparel company designed from personal photography and inspired by nature, sound, life and movement. http://www.kaiandgipsy.com/.

Cheryl Dunn, Photographer
Cheryl Dunn’s dedication to street photography and filmmaking is as impressive as her portfolio, which includes such notable publications as Harpers Bazaar, SPiN, Vogue, and Elle, as well as several books. Her work is influenced by alternative urban and youth culture, documenting skaters, the homeless, musicians, graffiti, artists, and their processes. http://www.cheryldunn.net