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Even if you don’t know Pamela, you more than likely have seen her work, defined by many as a mixture of extravagant designs and materials combined with the mystery and romance of storied tales both dark and whimsical alike.
Love has worked and collaborated with the likes of Frank Tell, Opening Ceremony, Yigal Azrouel, Topshop and Rogan Gregory to name a few. And love it or hate it, the buzz around Pamela’s new S12 Collection is intense to say the least. So we caught up with Pamela in run up to her Fashion week presentation for a little Q&A.

Be sure to stay tuned for coverage of the Pamela Love S12 Collection Presentation, it will be amazing I am sure.
(Below you will find some images from her most recent F11 Collection.)


Tell me a little bit about how you got into designing? Where it all started and what was the tipping point you said, “ok, this is what I am going for?
I was doing some styling projects in New York after school, and realized that I was having a hard time finding the right accessories for my looks. So I started crafting up a few pieces, then my friends were placing orders, and soon enough I had an office and staff and was selling at Barneys!

There are typically a lot of claws, bones and skulls in your designs, but your Fall11 collection seemed to take a different turn, why?
Recently, I have been really inspired by travel and cultures, so my SS11 and AW11 collections were definitely divergent from my Classic collection. They were more inspired by Southwest and North African history, colors, and traditions.

You are among some amazing designers that are nominated for the CFDA Award. How did you hear of the news and what were you first thoughts after finding out?
I was actually in a cab on my way into the office when I got the call. I was very excited to be participating again!

What has been some of your favorite moments thus far in your career as a designer?
Being nominated for the CFDA award

Looking ahead a little bit, what are you most excited about showing at your S12 presentation coming up?
I’m really excited to be in a bigger space and have a lot more flexibility with what we can transform it into. I really want people to feel the collection.

What is your driver, and your inspiration behind the S12 collection?
Travel, a lot of travel!

Any travel plans after your presentation and Fashion Week is over?
This year I am! It will be the first time in a while I get to take a small break.