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Women of the Seven Seas


By: Victoria Clark

As the first New York City organization dedicated to the celebration and empowerment of female surfers, Lava Girl Surf has been a pivotal advocate and supporter of female athletes who love the ocean, surfing, and the community that it builds. With the passion for surfing and surf culture serving as a guide, Lava Girl strives to provide exceptional experiences and create strong communities through hosting events, offering surf training and education workshops designed to inspire women through learning, creativity and community building.

As part of their ongoing initiative to empower female surfers and to inspire those who love the sport, Lava Girl will host their 3rd annual Women’s Surf Film Festival at Rockaway Surf Club. This years theme, WOMEN OF THE SEVEN SEAS, will feature a selection of films from established and emerging directors focusing on the inspiring lives of women surfers around the globe, highlighting what makes their journey unique, fuels their passion and connects them to the ocean.

WOSS Final Poster

With directors Devyn Bisson, Ed Fladung, Adam Reynolds & Shane Passantino, Leah Dawson, Morgan Maassen, Nathan Oldfield, and Hayley Gordon behind the lens, this years festival is one for the books as it features stories following the lives of female surfers journeying through Indonesia, France, Malibu, Australia, California, and Hawaii. In addition to the screenings, however, the festival will also host a raffle which includes a Natures Shapes surfboard and many other great prizes from Imaginary Surf Co., SEEA, Salt Gypsy, Grindergirl Surfwear, Zingara Vintage, The Blue Bungalow, Scotty Bags, Suger, Goldie’s Natural Beauty, Off Season NYC, St James, Boarders, Sayra’s Wine Bar, and Uma’s.

So whether you are a lover of surfing, a film enthusiast, or even just someone looking for a great way to spend a Saturday supporting a great cause, Lava Girl’s film festival is a must. Click here for full details!

Continue reading to view stills and read the synopsis of the featured films…



Intimasea is a short film by Nathan Oldfield celebrating the style, grace and beauty that is particular to women’s surfing and features Leah Dawson, Lola Mignot, Hallie Rohr, Karina Rozunko, Mele Saili and Makala Smith.


Julune: A Surf Dream In Indo

Leah Dawson takes us on a journey to the Mentawais with Julune: A Surf Dream in Indo, a romantic portrayal of surfing through poetry, song and epic shredding.

Julune Leah D 2

The Champ

“The Champ,” shot through the lenses of renowned surfing photographer Morgan Maassen, is an experimental eponymous video shot in France featuring the champ herself, Stephanie Gilmore.

stephanie-gilmore 2_Morgan Maassen

Lola Mignot Gypsy Princess of Saulita

Shot in the little bohemian surf village of Sayulita, Mexico, Lola Mignot Gypsy Princess of Saulita peeks into the surfing practice, family life and personal style of Lola Mignot, the girl who is quickly becoming one of the best longboard riders in Mexico.




We Rise Together

We Rise Together is a short film that aims to showcase the substance behind three of Southern California’s kind-hearted and fun-loving female surfers: Eveline Van Brande, Taylor Nelson and Anna Ehrgott .

We-Rise-Together-2_Adam Reynolds

The Wave I Ride

This 70 minute documentary tells the story of Hawaii’s big-wave charger Paige Alms. Alms grew up with Pe’ahi in her backyard, a proving ground for all big wave surfers known as “Jaws” for the toothy wave that rolls through the lineup. “We’re not just making another surf film. It’s not about aerials and cut backs. It’s the story of what the ocean gives this woman’s soul and what she gives back,” says Bisson.

The Wave I Ride 1


A short by Hayley Gordon featuring California-born longboarder and lady slider Erin Ashley. Named after her nickname, the film captures Ashley sliding on some California point breaks at Church, Malibu and the River in California.

worm sml 3_Hayley Gordon