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Designed and made in New York, Tuulikki NYC is a surf-wear brand designed for women, by women. Delivering a collection of high-performance, technical surf apparel with an emphasis on the environment through a thoughtful approach of their entire supply chain. With superb quality, originality (something you don’t much of these days), great design and a product line ripe for growth, we’re confident you’ll be hearing and seeing a lot more from Tuulikki for many seasons to come.

Earlier this week we sat down with Tuulikki founder, Helena Dunn, during the madness of launch week to find out where Tuulikki originated, and how she’ll be enjoying her’s this summer.

How did it all start?
I grew up in England and since I was a kid I’ve always felt a need to be in nature as much as possible and a pretty relentless desire to explore new places. These two passions have taken me all over the world and to some really epic places – cycling through India, spending a wild snowboarding season in Canada, working in the Philippines and New York. More recently I spent a few months in Nicaragua, which is where the idea for Tuulikki really started from.

What is your favorite city or neighborhood for summer?
New York and Rockaway.

What’s your favorite surf spot?
I really love the wave at Playa Maderas in Nicaragua – It feels like my other home break because I’ve spent so much time there.

Duffel or suitcase? What’s on your weekend getaway packing list?
I have this little green suitcase that’s been through the wars a bit but is perfect for short trips – I’m not great at planning so I just tend to throw everything in the bag last minute and try not to miss the train.

Essential wardrobe item for summer?
Easy cotton day dresses are my absolute favorite thing for New York summers.

Your style Icons?
I don’t really have any fashion style icons, but surfing styles icons would be Stephanie Gilmore and Leah Dawson.

What are you reading this summer?
Right now I’m reading Deepak Chopra’s new book ‘You are the Universe’ – It’s about the crossroads between Spirituality and Science.

Your three favorite songs right now?
I’ve just been listening to Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen on repeat because I‘ve loved their music my whole life so if I’m going through crazy times (like launching a brand), I find returning to them really grounding. Dylan’s album Blood on the Tracks is etched into me.

Stop by the Tuulikki pop-up shop, now open in Rockaway, and check out their website for a closer look at the line.

Click here to learn more about Tuulikki NYC’s sustainability initiatives.

Photos courtesy of Tuulikki