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With everything that pulls on us each day, it is easy to overlook that special person in our lives, the one who often balances us, inspires us and becomes our biggest fan. So we are celebrating those couples that remember the little things. 

After 35 emails, 3 phone calls and some major schedule juggling, I am thrilled to bring you our latest installment of Couples We Love, featuring the very lovely Zanna Roberts Rassi and the always gentlemanly Mazdack Rassi.


Every couple has a story…what’s yours?
ZANNA: We met at Milk in 2004. I was doing a shoot for Marie Claire UK where I worked at the time. Rassi was in the lobby area, on the play station. The photographer, Michael Williams, introduced us, Rassi pursued; I left back to the UK… he pursued… I fell. Two years, millions of air miles and fabulous romantic meets later (such as insane trips to Iceland because it was the half way point) I moved to NYC. Six months in he proposed in a cow field in the UK. In 2009 we married at St Patrick’s old cathedral in Manhattans Nolita, in a 1920’s inspired wedding, with a reception at Milk –  natch.

Each of you has such a busy schedule. How do you find time for being together?
ZANNA: His assistant calls mine. (Laughing). We do have to schedule dates a week or so in advance though.

What do you both do to recharge?
ZANNA: Recharging is working on the renovation and restoration of the house we just bought. It was built in 1671 and needs a lot of love.
MAZDACK: It’s the most beautiful old farmhouse in the middle of an apple orchard. It’s a labor of love but there is nothing better than getting away from it all and spending a weekend painting and puttering in the garden.  There is this one tree that was made to have a chandelier hanging from it – we’re going to put it over a great long table and host big dinners for all our family and friends.
ZANNA: It’s our first project together, which is laying the foundations of our future. It makes us both truly happy.

What’s your perfect Date Night?
ZANNA: Perfect date is a day spent snow boarding in Vermont, a hot jacuzzi outside followed by a big steak grilled by Rassi, a salad prepared by me and a fine bottle of red. No phones. Heaven.
MAZDACK: There is a restaurant in our neighborhood, Macelleria, that we have gone to for years.  We both love a good steak, and they have one of the best.  We’ve had some of our best times there – big birthday dinners, our rehearsal dinner – and we go whenever one of us gets back from traveling. Zanna sends me a calendar reminder that says “Dinner with ‘The Bread Knife'”, which is a little joke of ours. In the UK the term “Bread Knife” is slang for “wife”.

How would you say you compliment each other, or balance each other out?
ZANNA: He talks a lot, I write. He’s black and white, I’m grey. He spends, I save. He speaks Farsi, I speak Mancunian!
MAZDACK: We’re both creative and are constantly bouncing ideas off one another. We have a similar vision but very different perspectives, but complicated things always seem much simpler when the other is involved.

How do you inspire each other?
ZANNA: By making each other laugh. Everyday.

Favorite moment together?
ZANNA: An evening on our Honeymoon, sat overlooking the rolling hills of Tuscany in our charming rented farmhouse, La Macchia, eating fine cheese and drinking wine whilst listening to the sound track to Cinema Paradisio. Not a soul for miles.